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Variety is the spice of life

Never worry about workout burnout

“Let’s face it, getting up and exercising can be monotonous andboring,” says Dennis Witte, 75, a Wellmark member from Des Moines, Iowa. “But if you want to stay active and fit, especially in retirement, you’ve got to stay motivated. For me, the key is variety.”

Witte’s solution? He has four gym memberships.

You might think that having four gym memberships is a quick way to blow through your retirement budget.

But as a Wellmark member, Witte pays only $25 a month for all the gym memberships, combined.

That’s because through Blue365®, he enrolled in Tivity Health® Fitness Your Way External Site. For just $25 a month, this program provides access to a network of 9,500+ gyms nationwide*.

“It works great for me,” says Witte. “I play tennis six days a week, and one gym offers indoor tennis, so that’s a natural choice. Some days, the machines in one gym might seem boring, or I simply need a change of scenery. So, I’ll go here or there, depending on my mood. I love having a choice.”

In addition to playing tennis, Witte is an ambitious walker. He wears a device that counts his daily steps, and competes with his own grandchildren for the most total steps per day. “We enjoy the competition,” he laughs. “If I haven’t got enough steps mowing the lawn, I’ll head to the gym and put in some more.”

As a snowbird, Witte is also able to use the program when he’s in Arizona during the winter.

“It’s just a great program, and I take full advantage of it,” says Witte. “I never have to worry about workout boredom.”

*As of Jan. 1, 2018, the cost per person for new Fitness Your Way members will increase to $29 per month. If you purchased the Fitness Your Way program before Jan. 1, 2018, the monthly cost will remain $25.

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