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Will mental health therapy help me?

Resources are available to you

Seeing a therapist to support your mental health may seem like a big step; something you do when you’re having a crisis or experiencing a major life-changing event. But you don’t need one weighty reason to seek mental health services. Instead, you may have a general sense that something is “off,” or you might be dealing with ongoing relationship or interpersonal issues that might be helped by talking to someone.

Effective therapy is worthwhile for many — and critically necessary for others. People from all walks of life use mental health resources to manage everything from mood disorders, grief, loss and trauma, to navigating everyday life.

Questions to ask when considering mental health therapy

“Seeing a therapist makes sense if the problem is distressing or interferes with some aspect of your life,” says Dr. Alan Whitters, behavioral health director at Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield. He offers some additional questions that may help you make a decision:

  • Does thinking about or coping with the issue take up at least an hour each day?
  • Does the issue cause embarrassment or makes you want to avoid others?
  • Has the issue caused your quality of life to decrease?
  • Has this issue negatively affected school, work or relationships?
  • Have you developed habits, or rearranged your life, to accommodate the problem or cope with the issues?

A “yes” response to any of these questions, along with a desire to address the problem, suggests you might benefit from seeking professional help. It’s especially important to get help if you feel controlled by symptoms or if they could cause harm to yourself or others.

Need some help deciding if mental health support could help you?

Doctor On Demand® offers a free two-minute mental health assessment to help you determine if you might benefit from seeing a mental health professional for anxiety or depression.

If you think therapy is right for you, start here

  1. Find the right therapist and type of therapy

    Log in or register for myWellmark® to find a therapist in your network Secure Site. It may be helpful to talk to a trusted physician or primary care provider and get a recommendation. You’ll also find a variety of helpful articles on mental health and treatment options here on Blue.

  2. Consider if a virtual therapist might work for you

    Some Wellmark members have coverage for virtual visits through Doctor On Demand. With this service, you can use your smartphone, tablet or computer for 24/7 access to doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists and other medical experts. You can even select and see your favorite providers again and again.

  3. Better understand mental health benefits

    Before scheduling any visit, virtual or in-person, you’ll want to understand your health insurance benefits Opens New Window. Be sure to discuss any cost-related concerns with your therapist External Site.

Remember that therapy is not a quick fix. To make progress, you must be committed, show up, and do the work, for weeks or maybe months at a time. Taking the time and making the effort may seem like a leap, but for many people, it's a difference-maker. Therapy has the power to improve mental health, support physical health, and positively impact your relationships and overall well-being.  

Doctor On Demand physicians do not prescribe Drug Enforcement Administration-controlled substances, and may elect not to treat conditions or prescribe other medications based on what is clinically appropriate.

For plans that include benefits for mental health treatment, Doctor On Demand benefits may include treatment for certain psychological conditions, emotional issues and chemical dependency. Services performed by Doctor On Demand psychologists are covered. For more information, call Wellmark at the number on your ID card.

Doctor On Demand by Included Health is a separate company providing an online telehealth solution for Wellmark members. Doctor On Demand® is a registered mark of Doctor On Demand, Inc.