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Healthy living quick tips


The number of months a flu vaccination can keep you from getting sick. The virus can change over time, and that’s why the vaccine is reformulated every year. That means anyone age 6 months and older should get the shot annually. The shot generally has an effectiveness rate of 50–60 percent. If you catch the virus, it can make symptoms milder and lower your odds of getting pneumonia. The sickness often peaks between December and February and can continue through May. Make plans now to get vaccinated.

Source: American Society for Microbiology External Site

13 percent

The percentage of U.S. children who walk or bike to school. That number has plunged since 1969, when half of children were walking or biking to school.

The National Center for Safe Routes aims to reverse the trend toward childhood obesity and inactivity by providing families with safe routes to school. To see how you can play a role, visit External Site.


Drug overdoses in the U.S. in 2016. That’s up at least 19 percent from the year before. Overdoses are now the leading cause of death for Americans under the age of 50, according to data compiled by the New York Times. Most of these overdose deaths are tied to heroin or prescription pain killers called opioids, often laced with a powerful narcotic called fentanyl.

What are the odds?

The odds of dying from a bee, hornet, or wasp sting are 1 in 64,706 according to the National Safety Council 2016 Injury Facts report. There's a far greater risk (1 in 672 people) of dying by just crossing or walking down the street. June is National Safety Month, a good time to separate the truly risky (heart disease and cancer, both at 1 in 7) from the rest (poisonous animals or plants, 1 in 44,086). For tips on how to stay safer in any situation this summer, visit the National Safety Council website External Site.

A day with dad

Dads are just as likely as moms to say that parenting is extremely important to their identities, according to a 2015 Pew Research Center survey. Give the dads in your life a day to remember next Father's Day. Overall, dads prefer to keep it simple, with 25 percent hoping for a handmade gift from the child, and another 25 percent wanting to go out to dinner with the family. In general, dads would like to spend more time outdoors, enjoying activities with their kids.

Know your swimming limits

There were 461 media-reported drowning events involving kids (age 18 and under) between Memorial Day and Labor Day in 2015. Young children are at risk, but often watched closer than older kids. In fact, tweens and teens often get peer-pressured into swimming when they don't know how or aren't skilled enough. Keep an eye on kids of all ages, and remind them to stay within the limits of their abilities.

Source: United States Swim School Association

2 million

The number of antibiotic-resistant infections that occur each year.

In outpatient settings, 1 in 3 prescribed antibiotics is unnecessary. Most misused antibiotics are prescribed for viral respiratory conditions such as bronchitis, sinus infections and ear infections, as well as the common cold. 

Source: The Journal of the American Medical Association, May 2016


The percentage of millennial dads who say they wish there was more parenting content online for dads.

Source: BabyCenter, Millennial Dads Study, June 2015


Fatal road rage incidents are up this much since 2010.

9 of 10 people believe aggressive drivers are a "somewhat" or "very serious" threat to their personal safety.

To avoid aggressive driving, change your approach to driving. Instead of trying to "make good time," try to "make time good." You can do this by listening to soothing music, breathing deeply and allowing yourself plenty of time for your trip.



The percentage of adults who go to work when they're feeling under the weather. 

While it can be tough to stay home, going out only makes it more likely that you'll get others sick. One way to stay healthy this fall and winter is to schedule your annual flu shot.

Source: Purell survey

Healthy Living
Healthy Living
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