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Eating well: It's not a diet. It's a lifestyle.

Helping communities eat better, longer

On a daily basis we’re bombarded with news about the latest diets, the newest superfoods, and the ever-growing list of foods to avoid. It can be overwhelming and even frustrating. It’s especially daunting when you might not have access to a lot of healthy foods in your community.

Eating well is such an important part to an individual’s overall well-being. That’s where Healthy HometownSM Powered by Wellmark can help.

Healthy Hometown is a community health improvement initiative that has identified proven tactics that communities can do to make eating well easier and more accessible. Tactics can be implemented in schools, worksites, grocery stores, restaurants—wherever people spend a lot of time.

Communities can work with Healthy Hometown to make easy changes like:

  • Offering water at every meal instead of pop or juice.
  • Replacing vending machine or concession stand food with healthier options.
  • Encouraging and promoting locally grown or regionally sourced foods.
  • Supporting community gardens.

Or, communities can make even more impactful changes like:

  • Pass zoning regulations that restrict the density of fast food outlets in a given area.
  • Implement zoning regulations that protect land use for farmers’ markets.
  • Accept government nutrition vouchers at farmers’ markets.
  • Create policy strategies that allow small-scale urban farming.

A Healthy Hometown success story

If you want to see Healthy Hometown in action, take a look at how Sioux City, Iowa, is making it easier for residents to eat healthy foods. The community’s health improvement efforts were recognized during the 2018 Healthy Hometown Community Award at the Healthiest State Initiative’s award ceremony in Iowa.

There are a number of cities that are getting involved in Healthy Hometown initiatives and taking steps to make the healthy choice easier. Will yours be next?

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