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Get out of a workout rut with today's top fitness trends

Fresh ideas to rev up your workout

This article was last updated on June 25, 2020. 

If you’re losing motivation to go to the gym or feeling bored with your workout routine, it’s time for something new. Boost your fitness level with the trends we're seeing now:

  1. High-tech fitness trackers

    Sure, they were all the rage several years ago. But today’s fitness trackers are far different from the battery-draining, buzzing bracelets you may have misplaced or forgotten about years ago. Today’s trackers are less bulky, waterproof, and have improved software and a longer battery life. Plus, apps and devices are doing a better job of helping you set achievable goals. They are also able to tailor feedback to your individual habits. So, it may be worth another look. With more than half of Americans wearing fitness trackers External Site at least once a day, it’s safe to say the trend is here to stay.

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  2. Digital home workout options

    For some people, it’s motivating to get out of the gym and attend workout classes from the comfort of your home. That’s why online fitness classes, streaming workouts and digital apps are growing in popularity. From digital mirrors External Site to high-tech wearables and equipment, this option can sometimes be more affordable than going to a gym. For example, by using an app on your phone, you could connect to a device on your TV to take a customized high-intensity interval training (HIIT) class led by a personal trainer and attended by other online members. You can also find virtual cycling classes for treadmills, stationary bikes and rowing machines. Once you start researching, you'll find there are dozens of top fitness apps available External Site at your fingertips.

  3. An accountability partner

    It’s a fact: you are more likely to succeed with weight loss and maintenance External Site when you have social support. Accountability groups or just one other person can help keep you focused and on track to meet goals. For example, participants in one study increased their exercise time External Site by 78 percent, simply by receiving regular check-in phone calls to ask about progress.

    “Being accountable to someone gives you a protective layer of commitment,” says Terri Kallem, a Wellmark member, personal trainer and nutrition coach. “You have the advantage of someone who is on your side, working in your best interests.”

    A workout buddy can also provide encouragement and support. Find tips for how to get connected through group fitness and how to be a great workout buddy from these Wellmark members.

  4. Meditation for mental fitness

    While physical exercise boosts your mood, combining exercise with meditation provides even more advantages. In one study, researchers found that a combination of meditation and physical exercise done twice a week for two months could reduce depressive symptoms by up to 40 percent External Site. One way to get both is to add mindfulness workouts such as yoga to your workout routine. Even if you don’t have much time to spare, doing a few yoga stretches or meditating for a few minutes after your workout can make a difference.

  5. Workout for wellness

    Sure, it’d be nice to have a six-pack or to fit into that dress again. But at some point, exercise becomes less about looking good, and more about other motivators. For example, you may want to live a longer life, set a good example to your children, play with your grandchildren or live independently as long as possible. You may be working out to help manage a chronic disease such as diabetes. You may want to avoid obesity, heart disease or another chronic condition. Overall, the best exercise routine is the one you find time for, so find a plan and stick with it.

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