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Get a partner for these at-home workout challenges

6 workouts to try

Have you hit a workout slump? Before you settle in for a long winter’s nap, consider this: Burning energy creates energy. In other words, getting exercise will help you feel more energetic throughout the day. Exercising with a person living in your home (or virtually with a friend), helps you stay motivated and beats boredom.

Couple workouts also provide you with: 

  • Shared purpose. You're more likely to stay committed and focused with a partner.
  • Social connection. Exercise is an easy way to connect with someone by sharing a laugh (or a grumble) about the challenge of a workout.
  • Accountability. How can you not show up for a workout if your partner is counting on you?
  • Fresh ideas. A couple brings together new ideas and helps you get out of your comfort zone.
  • Inspiration to keep going. We all need a high-five, pat on the back or word of encouragement.

Need a workout partner?

If you live alone, or your spouse or partner won’t join you for a workout, consider finding a COVID-safe workout partner, or meeting virtually. Agree on a shared set of rules to stay safe — like whether touching is OK or what to do if someone takes a vacation. Ask questions like:

  • Is everyone in your home wearing masks in public?
  • Are you limiting in-person social interactions?
  • Are you feeling well, or do you have body aches, fever, chills or cough? 

Six couple workouts you can do at home

You can get a great workout as a couple — or on your own — at home, using your own body weight. Any of these workouts can be changed to your fitness level. Decrease the number of reps or time, as needed. Before starting your workout, do some dynamic stretching. After your workout, take a few minutes to do some static stretching.

  1. Off to the races

    run sit-ups lunges exercise

    Keep track of how many rounds you do in 20 minutes, with a goal of improving over time.

    Partner #1:

    • Do a brisk walk, jog, run or sprint 200 meters (@1/8 mile, or down the block and back)

    Partner #2:

    • 10–15 sit-ups
    • 10–15 lunges

    Alternate rounds with your partner and repeat.

  2. Abs on fire

    workout routine to strengthen abs

    Keep track of how many rounds you do in 15 minutes, with a goal of improving over time.

    Partner #1:

    • 10 burpees

    Partner #2:

    • Hold a plank for 20 seconds on, rest for 10 seconds, repeat until partner is done with burpees.
  3. Get up off that thing

    three rounds exercise body weight routine

    Do three rounds together with two-minute rests in between rounds. Or, compete for the fastest time.

    • 10 burpees
    • 20 push-ups
    • 30 sit-ups
    • 40 squats
    • 50 mountain climbers (total)
  4. Deck of cards workout

    deck of cards workout

    The suit tells you which exercise to do, and the number on the card tells you how many reps. Work through the cards together as a couple at a healthy pace, and substitute different exercises and rules as you wish.

    • Spades: push-ups
    • Clubs: sit-ups
    • Hearts: squats
    • Diamonds: tricep dips
    • Face cards: 30-seconds of jumping jacks, jump rope, or running in place
  5. Burpee challenge

    burpee challenge

    One partner does 10 burpees while the other rests, until you get to 100. Or, you can do all 100 together, and see who finishes first.

  6. The plank sandwich

    body weight exercise routine

    Do these exercises together or compete for the fastest time.

    • 800 meter walk, bike, jog or run (1/2 mile) or walk/jog in place for 5–10 minutes
    • Then, 2 rounds of planks:
      • 20-second plank, 10 second rest
      • 20-second side plank, 10 second rest
      • 20-second side plank (other side), 10 second rest
      • 20-second up down plank, 10 second rest
    • 800 meter walk, bike, jog or run (1/2 mile) or walk/jog in place for 5–10 minutes

Want to take these exercises to-go? Download and save a PDF Opens PDF of these six couple workouts you can do at home or on-the-go.

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