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Blue @ Work

Why it's important for your employees to have a doctor.

A 365-day-a-year issue affecting kids and adults alike.

Metabolic syndrome, obesity, poor nutrition and lack of physical activity were Vermeer's highest claim expenses.

Disability and AD&D provide added coverage for life's unexpected events.

Tips to get your employees active even when they're crunched for time.

Wish your employees were happier/more satisfied with their health plan?

How you can positively impact your employees’ food decisions.

The value of having a doctor you can trust with your health care.

Financial well-being isn't just another buzzword.

Yes, you can help your employees make healthy food choices.

Inspire your employees to eat healthier with easy-to-share, deliciously-healthy recipes.

When employees make healthy decisions, they tend to be more productive — keeping your business thriving.