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Businesses could pay the price for wellness program changes

Here's what you need to know

The importance of keeping up on wellness program regulations.

The fact of the matter is that investing in well-being for your organization pays off. Not only does it lead to higher retention rates, lower health care costs and happier employees — it puts you ahead of the competition in the minds of prospective employees.

But now, the ever-changing rules and regulations on workplace wellness programs can make it hard for you to stay up to speed on the potential legal and tax implications you could face if your organization doesn’t remain compliant. Additionally, you may be left scratching your head on the inconsistencies around program guideline definitions of voluntary participation and acceptable program incentives from the ACA, HIPAA and EEOC.

How you can stay informed — for free.

Recently, Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield partnered with Miller & Chevalier Law firm to host a webinar explaining everything you need to know to successfully navigate the changing wellness regulations External Site.

And, the best part? Viewing the webinar is completely free for any organization that either has a current workplace wellness program in place or is looking to start one to get up to speed on the changing rules and regulations for 2019 and beyond.

Questions? Contact your authorized Wellmark representative or email us at Send Email.