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Top 5 most-clicked stories of 2019

Did one of your favorites make the list?

You’ve likely got a lot on your plate. Keeping up with the latest education, insights and trends surrounding health insurance benefits may not be at the top of your list. Not to mention, health insurance can be confusing — especially when each of your employees have unique and specific needs.

To make it easier on you, we've rounded up the top five, most-read articles in 2019 so even the busiest folks don't miss a thing.

Top articles for employers in 2019

  1. The doctor will see you now — virtually.

    Now more than ever, your employees are able to accomplish day-to-day tasks and errands with apps available on their cell phones and tablets. Convenience is the name of the game and Doctor On Demand® can give your employees the option to receive medical treatment via phone, tablet or desktop computer. There are benefits for every workplace to offer Doctor On Demand — especially for employees who have tight schedules, live in areas where care isn’t widely accessible, travel frequently and more.
  2. Need to know: How millennial health is impacting your workplace.

    Based on a recent Blue Cross® and Blue Shield® Health of America Report®, External Site the health of millennials is a serious issue. And, with millennials forecasted to represent half of the workplace by 2020, their health could impact productivity, absenteeism, and health care costs for the businesses who employ them.
  3. How to spot (and stop) burnout.

    It doesn’t matter if your company has the highest salaries, best benefits packages, or social perks — there is bound to be a time when an employee reaches their burnout point.
  4. Save money and live healthier with Blue365®.

    As Wellmark members, your employees get personalized access to Blue365 — a free portal for deals and discounts on favorite health and wellness brands. It's another way to keep them engaged in a healthy diet and lifestyle.
  5. The costly impact of financial stress.

    If your employees are like most of the population (78 percent of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck External Site), it’s likely that they are experiencing physical and behavioral health conditions caused by financial stress.

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