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The case management nurse impact

A simple solution for employees with complex health conditions

According to the Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion External Site, nearly 6 in 10 Americans are living with at least one chronic disease — think heart disease, cancer, diabetes or depression to name a few.

It's highly probable you have employees within your very own workplace who are struggling with one — maybe even two — chronic conditions. With chronic conditions being the nation's leading driver of death and disability, in addition to the $3.3 trillion in annual health care costs External Site, this could be affecting both your company's bottom-line and employees' wallets.

Whether your employees want to admit it or not, when it comes to health insurance terms, physician diagnosis, or even developing a close, personal relationship with their primary care provider, they might be intimidated or confused on where they should start. This is where a nurse could step up to the plate to provide advanced care for employees living with a chronic disease.

As your company's HR or benefits administrator, it's only natural that you want to help your employees be savvy health care consumers and educate them on their benefits coverage, but you have a lot on your plate, too. You can still be the 'health plan hero' of your workplace by offering a simple solution to the employees who may be struggling with a chronic condition.

The solution: Wellmark's team of case management nurses.

What are case management nurses?

They are clinically skilled registered nurses that are committed to working hand-in-hand with your employees. Case management nurses help your employees Opens in a new window personally engage in developing care plans to ensure health conditions are addressed and met.

If an employee receives a diagnosis that is upsetting or confusing, they can contact an case management nurse who will remain in regular contact with the employee to accommodate their needs. Together, the nurse and the employee will develop a care plan that is unique and flexible to the course of care.

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Case management nurses provide trusted, knowledgeable advice.

Help employees with making better health choices.

Tools and education to help better understand and work through health concerns.

Connect employees to the right resources and people who will deliver the best care.

When is a good time to recommend an case management nurse to an employee?

If you know of an employee who is facing a complex health concern, recently had a hospital stay or a prescription claim this is the perfect time to recommend a case management nurse.

It is also important to assure your employee that reaching out to a case management nurse for help is completely free and confidential. No employee information will be released or discussed with employers.

Are case management nurses available to my employees?

If you are a Wellmark member, then yes! Case management nurses are available at no extra charge to their existing health plan. Employees and their families interested in case management nurse assistance should call BeWell 24/7 for more info.

The power of one

With Wellmark, your employees have access to easy-to-use tools and services, including our secure member site Opens in a new window, myWellmark®. By encouraging your employees to log in or register for myWellmark, you make it easy for employees to see their benefits in action. 

Get all your questions answered about Wellmark's case management nurse team by contacting your authorized Wellmark account representative.