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Answer all your employees pharmacy questions with one solution.

Remember your new employee, Sarah, who moved her family cross-country for a position at your company?

As your employees' go-to resource for navigating career and health insurance related questions, Sarah felt comfortable turning to you for advice and recommendations to find a pharmacy that would talk her through complex medications, all while keeping costs in check.

Without hesitation, you sat down and helped Sarah register for myWellmark®.

Savings and solutions for your employees’ pharmacy needs.

Once Sarah registers for myWellmark, she can find a local pharmacy near her that will answer all her questions, consult with her, and keep costs in check, find generics and more. myWellmark makes your job easy so you can become your employees' ‘health plan hero’ and spend more time on your work.

Here’s a breakdown of how employees like Sarah can benefit from myWellmark’s pharmacy savings and solutions:

  1. Calculate drug costs.

    With myWellmark, your employees have the option to look up drugs covered by your employer-sponsored health plan and shop and compare for the best prices on prescriptions. In turn, this could help save both your employees and business thousands over the course of one year.
  2. Locate a local pharmacy.

    Your employees are unique — both in their personalities, work styles, and overall health and well-being. While you have a natural knack for helping your employees, it can be difficult to make a recommendation on a pharmacy that suits their lifestyle and preferences. With the pharmacy locator, employees can enter their location and find the nearest in-network pharmacy and get helpful map and driving directions.
  3. Check drug interactions.

    Your employees can quickly check and identify possible interactions between multiple medications with myWellmark, and be prepared to chat with their pharmacist about alternatives.
  4. Identify a medication.

    If your employees are unsure on what a new medication or generic should look like, myWellmark can help them identify the pill in question.
  5. Track prescriptions.

    No more questions for you on “What’s taking so long with my prescription,” or “What have I used in the past?” Now your employees can track the prescriptions they’ve paid for and get a full history from their phone.

Everything you and your employees need with myWellmark

Next time an employee comes to you with questions about finding their pharmacy home, primary care provider, or a general health insurance question, remember your answer will always be simple and sweet: myWellmark.

Looking for different ways to promote myWellmark to your employees? Check out all the promotional materials you can download and share with your employees by visiting the Wellmark Marketing Toolkit.

Questions? Contact your authorized Wellmark account representative, or email us at Send Email.