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myWellmark takes care of business

Employees who take charge of their health care changes everything.

When it comes to answering employee benefit or company resource questions — you’ve heard it all — and already have a lot of answers prepped.

Let’s say you have a new employee, Sarah, joining your company. Sarah is moving her family cross-country for this position and has never lived anywhere else. Not only are they in a new city and state, they all have to find new health care providers.

What’s your answer when Sarah brings up questions about where her young son can see a dentist, how her husband can find a pharmacy for his prescriptions, or where she can find a primary care doctor?

One word is all you need: myWellmark®.

myWellmark empowers your employees to take charge of their health

Sarah brings up a lot of great questions, and you want to be sure you’re giving her the best options to choose from that will minimize her costs. As a Wellmark customer, you can be Sarah's (and every employees’) health plan hero by encouraging her to register for myWellmark.

When your employees register for myWellmark, they can take charge of their health care, find the best care at the right places and get answers to health-related questions.

myWellmark is a win-win for you and your employees

Your employees have all the health care tools and resources available to them with a simple click of the button — which leaves you with fewer questions to answer and more time to dedicate to other activities.

Here’s a breakdown of how employees like Sarah can benefit from registering for myWellmark:

Scope the quality of care in the area.

If Sarah ever needs a specific medical procedure or if she has a health condition that needs regular attention, she can compare doctors or find facilities based on expertise.

Choose the right provider.

Sarah can determine which providers to choose (or not) based on patient ratings and comments — making it easy to narrow down her selection.

Determine where to get care.

Being new to the area, and on a new health insurance plan, it’s important to Sarah that her care be accessible and in her network. She can find a doctor or facility by typing in her ZIP code.

Be your employees' health plan hero

Encourage your employees to register for myWellmark by exploring different, engaging ways to promote myWellmark through the Wellmark Marketing Toolkit. External SiteWhen employees register for myWellmark, they’ll have access to a number of tools and resources aside from being able to rate, review and search for a provider or where to receive care.

Questions? Contact your authorized Wellmark account representative or email us at blueatwork@wellmark.comSend Email.