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Be the health plan hero for your business

Consider these helpful resources

Imagine this: An employee walks into your office and begins asking you rapid-fire questions regarding their high-deductible health plan (HDHP).

As your company’s HR or benefits administrator, you may be short on time and low on resources to know each detail of this employee's particular health insurance plan.

Be the 'health plan hero' of your workplace.

Health insurance can be confusing and complex for your employees. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. You can save the day by providing these resources to your employees so they can become more educated health care consumers, find ways to save money, and navigate their health insurance plan with ease.

Understanding HDHP and HSAs

Resource Roundup: Helping employees become educated health care consumers

  1. Outpatient vs. inpatient care Opens in a new window. Easy ways your employees can save on care.
  2. Shop and compare for quality care Opens in a new window. Helping your employees find quality care at the right cost.
  3. 5 reasons why you should give virtual visits a try Opens in a new window. Do your employees know they can talk with a board-certified doctor from the comfort of their home or on the road?
  4. Get the most from your next pharmacy visit Opens in a new window. Your employees shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity to ask questions about the medications they are about to take.
  5. Know what you owe: understanding EOBs Opens in a new window. Help your employees decjavascript:void(0);ipher what their Explanation of Benefits mean and how it can help them understand their coverage.
  6. Keep costs down Opens in a new window. Make sure your employees know to see an in-network provider.
  7. Jumbled by health insurance jargon? Opens in a new window. It’s important your employees know how their own health insurance plan works.
  8. Know where to get care Opens in a new window. Do your employees know what’s available to them through their health care plan? Instead of visiting the emergency room, they might benefit from a virtual or office visit.

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