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Five free financial apps your employees could use now

Free apps to help employees put their finances in check.

A staggering 78 percent of Americans are struggling with money, which can, in turn, affect workplace performance.

If you aren’t sure where to start with incorporating financial well-being programs or solutions within your workplace, why not get started with five free resources. Each of these resourceful apps can help your employees with their personal finances — in more ways than one.


Mint allows your employees to add various bank accounts External Site, credit cards, bills (e.g., phone, electricity, loans) — providing an overview of cash on hand, debt, investments and giving a glimpse at spending trends.


Regardless of an employees' finance and investment experience, Robinhood is an app that provides free education, tools and resources to help your employees take investing to the next level. This app helps them easily search for stocks and purchase all with the click of a button.


Wally gives your employees and overview of their cash inflow and outflow External Site — allowing employees to put more money in the bank. Not to mention it shows a breakdown of how and where employees are spending money, and what their spending habits are.

Credit Karma®

When your employees know and closely monitor their credit score External Site, they can make more informed decisions such as when to purchase a mortgage, or take out a big loan in the future. Credit Karma allows your employees to keep track of fraudulent purchases, monitor late payments all through a free credit score report.


If your employees are looking for an app to invest their spare change External Site from purchases like a daily cup of coffee or lunch out with a coworker, into stocks and bonds — Acorn is the app for that. Acorn does all the dirty work for your employees by predicting the best stock and bonds for employees to invest in and to reach their investment goals.

You are your employees most trusted resource when it comes to recommending health insurance plans, tips for becoming healthier in and out of the office and so much more. Why not be a resource for their financial well-being, too?

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