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Cybersecurity on the go

Part 5: Safeguarding your mobile devices

Twenty-five percent of mobile devices encounter one cyber threat each month. Protecting yourself from cyberattacks on your phone is just as important as protecting yourself in the office. Here are quick tips to help you with security on the go, as mobile cybersecurity breaches are becoming more prevalent.

Cybersecurity on the go

Mobile devices make it easy to meet you and your employees' needs away from the office, but you should know how to protect their data and your business on the go. Start by making sure all your devices are up to date and protected by a firewall and antivirus software. Your business IT resource may be able to help ensure you’re appropriately protected. You should also only use your own cable for public charging stations. If you ever feel something is suspicious, restart your device immediately.

When using your device for business, make sure you use a complex password, and two-step identification wherever possible. Two-step identification means a user must provide two different components (like a password and PIN) to gain access to the device or system. Protection begins with your password. Using a weak password is just like using a cheap lock. Never use your Social Security number as your ID, and don’t use the same password across multiple systems.

Reporting to Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield

If you suspect that you are a victim of a cyberattack or discover that member protected health information (PHI) has been compromised, you are required to report all incidents to Wellmark immediately. Contact your authorized Wellmark representative or email Send Email.

Quick Tips

Do you know what to do to protect your business? To defend your business at the office, be savvy about email, phone calls, and any institution requesting personal information. Here are some quick tips:

If you see a wireless network you frequently use, but you're not near its location... Turn off your Wi-Fi until you are away from your current location.
If you install third-party applications on your device... Check the requested application permissions before you install the application to verify the manufacturer matches the description.
If you use your device for business... Make sure you have policies and controls in place to protect the data.

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