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Are you struggling with employee engagement?

Don't worry, you're not alone.

*This article was updated on April 19, 2019

Take a moment to identify what your workplace is currently doing to engage employees. Does your workplace offer a well-rounded set of tools and resources to help employees with their unique situations to aid them in bringing their most engaged self to work each day?

To paint a clearer picture, meet Austin and Kayla.


Austin loves working for his employer and is looking for opportunities to progress in his career, but doesn’t feel supported in his professional growth and development. Although he enjoys working for his employer, he is pursuing positions at other companies that promise to support growth and opportunity.


Kayla isn’t feeling valued by her employer because of their lack of support with work-life integration and is feeling burnt out. She wants to work for a company where she believes in their mission and know they care about her more than just as an employee.

Your employees rely on you for solutions.

Now more than ever, even if you offer the best salaries or benefits package, if your employees don’t feel connected to the work they are doing or the mission of your organization, odds are they aren't engaged — which affects your company’s overall performance. Employees are looking to you as their employer to provide solutions to address their unique situations. And, we’re not talking more emphasis on promoting diet and exercise, but more focus on the six elements of well-being: physical, career, social, financial, community and emotional as well as workplace culture and engagement.

Two ways to bridge the ‘engagement gap’ in your workplace today.

  1. Start small: Get your pen and paper handy.

    Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield teamed up with SALVEO Partner’s External Site CEO and Co-founder, Dr. Rosie Ward, Ph.D, to help you bridge the gap and learn how to build your blueprint for creating an engaging workplace for your employees. Through this recorded webinar, you’ll get the inside scoop External Site on how employee engagement is a key factor in business performance, exploring frameworks that foster high-performing, future-ready organizations, and determining how culture and engagement can fit into your organization’s bigger picture. PSST…companies with engaged employees see 5 times more revenue External Site compared to companies with low engagement.
  2. Bring it to the table:The Thriving Workplace Culture SurveyTM.

    Go deeper with SALVEO Partner’s Thriving Workplace Culture Survey (TWCS). With this survey and the help of your Wellmark well-being consultant, you’ll get a better understanding of your employees current engagement levels with your company culture, and other distinctive influences that relate to their overall health and well-being.
  3. The benefits include:
    1. Sustainable change. Highlights the current or desired alignment — allowing you to build on cultural strengths.
    2. Focus on the future. Receive analysis and reporting that addresses an overview of strengths and weaknesses of culture and how employees view their work.
    3. Increased alignment. Receive a blueprint for where to focus all cultural improvement efforts.

    Email Send Email to learn more about the Thriving Workplace Culture Survey.

    Want more information like this?

    Download your free e-book: Millennials in Your Workplace

    Millennials are coming into the workplace full speed ahead. By 2025, millennials will make up 75 percent of the workforce. While this generation comes with open minds, a desire to succeed and grow, and insights into the latest technologies, the problem for employers is that 1 in 3 millennials have a health condition impacting their overall quality of life.

    It doesn’t stop there. Only 68 percent of millennials have a primary care provider (PCP) compared to 91 percent of Generation X. When your employees aren’t healthy, health care costs will continue to rise and productivity will decrease, all of which impact your bottom line.

    When you download your free copy of Millennials in Your Workplace Opens in a new window, you can take advantage of extensive research, in-house data and subject matter experts to create sustainable, long-term changes in your workplace today.

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