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Benefit-smart employee toolkit

Ready-to-share communications for any time of year.

Though open enrollment gets the most attention as prime time for employee benefit and coverage education, it's really a year-round need. According to the National Assessment of Adult Literacy, 74 percent of organizations that helped consumers shop for health insurance said nearly all consumers needed help understanding the basics of health insurance. On top of that, employees spend less than 30 minutes External Site reviewing materials before making benefit decisions during open enrollment.

As a Wellmark customer, you have access to a suite of powerful educational resources to help your workforce take charge of their health care, well-being and more. Below, you'll find a roundup of benefit-smart resources that are ready to use.

Order, download, print and keep employees in the know

Once you've registered for Employer Connection, you've got direct access to the Marketing Toolkit. This online storehouse serves up ready-made communications that get to the heart of coverage and benefit questions your employees may have. Whether you're rolling out a new plan or want to send out a benefit refresher, the Toolkit should be your first stop. We've compiled a few resources to jump-start the discussions with your workforce.

  • Knowing changes everything. You want your employees to be smarter health care consumers, and myWellmark® is here to make that a reality. Find the myWellmark promotional kit, including flyers and customizable communications by searching M-2018789.
  • Connecting the dots in health care. BeWell 24/7SM connects your employees with real people for real help any day, any time. Search M-2018358 for a comprehensive promotional kit.
  • Offering exclusive deals and discounts. Who doesn't like a good deal on favorite health and wellness brands? You're employees have access to Blue365® just for being Wellmark members. Search M-23379 for a flyer or M-2018269 for a customizable employee email.
  • Keeping tabs on vitals. Search M-2319196 for a printed blood pressure information card that can be shared at employee wellness fairs or other resource areas throughout your work site.

If you're interested in customizing content and messaging to best suit your employees and your brand, learn more about Wellmark's communications solution, Indigo.

Easy-to-share articles available right now (no logging in required)

Bonus: We have several ready-to-share articles for your employees from Blue Opens in a new windowSM. Drop a link to a relevant article in an email or post it on your business intranet site — easy as that!

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