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Prioritizing freedom and flexibility

Rise Structural Associates, Inc. in Harrisburg, South Dakota

We asked some of our long-time small business customers why they chose — and continue to choose — Wellmark for their health coverage. Here's the story of Rise Structural Associates, Inc.

The next time you find yourself in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll pass at least one building designed by Rise Structural Associates, Inc. External Site

The structural engineering firm, which was established in 2013 as an offshoot of Rise, Inc., has a varied portfolio full of multi-family living spaces, retail stores, fast-casual restaurants, shopping centers, churches, schools, and fitness centers. They even had a hand in the University of Sioux Falls stadium and sports complex. And, they’ve done all of that with only seven full-time staff members.

“We strive to think outside the box and come up with cost effective measures when it comes to commercial buildings and approach every project with the same enthusiasm,” says Justin Christensen, president of Rise Structural Associates, Inc.

Employees at Rise work hard, but they also get rewarded for it. By putting in nine-hour days from Monday to Thursday, they're able to leave when the company closes at noon on Friday — giving them the opportunity to run errands, schedule a doctor's appointment, or just get a head start on their weekend. In addition, the company gives them flexibility and prioritizes work-life balance.

“We try to give everyone goals and expectations for the week, and then allow them the time and freedom to get those goals accomplished,” Justin says. “If someone needs to get off early on a Wednesday, they don’t need to take vacation — as long as they’re getting their work done.”

Freedom and flexibility are important at Rise. So, when it came to choosing a health benefits provider for their employees, Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield was an easy choice. “We wanted to give our employees the most options possible when it comes to health care,” says Justin. “We feel like Wellmark has everything to make sure we aren’t pigeonholing our employees into going to one specific doctor or hospital. They have the options to take charge of their health care.”

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About the series

We wanted to learn more about why some of our long-time small business customers continue to choose Wellmark for their health coverage in their own words. Trust, shared values, experience, longevity and understanding continually came to the forefront.

Thank you to Rise Structural Associates, Inc. for sharing their story with us.