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Coming soon: Millennials in your workplace e-book

A free, comprehensive guide.

*This article was last updated September 2020.

You'll be hard pressed to scroll through the news or listen to a podcast without finding out new information about millennials. Whatever you've heard — good or bad about the millennial generation — the focus is often on all the wrong things.

Millennials are coming into the workplace full speed ahead. By 2025, millennials will make up 75 percent of the workforce. While this generation comes with open minds, a desire to succeed and grow, and insight into the latest technologies, the problem for employers is that 1 in 3 millennials has a health condition impacting their overall quality of life. And when your employees aren't healthy, health care costs will rise, and productivity will decrease — all impacting your bottom line.

Through extensive research, in-house data and subject matter experts, we're developing an e-book to help you start discussions, get insights and find inspiration to create sustainable, long-term change within your workforce.

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What to expect: "Millennials in your workplace" e-book

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Chapter 1: Meet the millenials

Chapter 2: Millennial health 101

Chapter 3: Attracting and retaining millennial employees

Chapter 4: The impact of COVID-19 on millennials

Chapter 5: How your health insurer can help make the difference

  1. Meet the millennials

    Get the lowdown on common characteristics of millennials, what they’re like as employees and why your business needs to care.
  2. Millennial health

    News flash, one-third of millennials aren’t healthy (both physically and behaviorally). We’ll uncover compelling information from the Blue Cross® Blue Shield® Health of America® report External Site, including the behavioral and physical conditions affecting millennials and the economic implications of not addressing their health.
  3. Health of your workplace

    Take a look into the most-requested benefits your millennial employees want now and understand why they want these benefits.
  4. The impact of COVID-19 on millennials

    Learn about the long-lasting impacts COVID-19 will have on the millennial generation and how you can support.
  5. Working together for sustainable solutions

    Dive deeper into the current products and solutions Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield offers for your millennial employee population and how you can get the support you need.

All this information is completely free to you. Time to get your notebooks, pens and highlighters ready to go.

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