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Healthy fun becomes a smash hit

We asked some of our local business customers why they choose Wellmark for their health coverage. Here's the story of the family-owned business, Smash Park Entertainment.

After graduating from college, Kerri and Monty Lockyear moved away from Des Moines to chase their dreams of being entrepreneurs. While they enjoyed success, they kept talking about what they missed about their childhood hometown — the summertime backyard parties with family and friends. It was their happy place. It would also become their best idea for a startup yet.

Two years ago, Kerri and Monty came back to Des Moines and opened Smash Park, bringing their community a one-of-a-kind place where friends and family can get together for some good food and fun games. Because here, patrons are encouraged to grab a paddle and get ready to battle. Smash Park is Iowa's headquarters for pickleball, one of America's fastest-growing sports. Players of all ages and skill levels jump on one of six indoor and outdoor courts, commencing to smash their way to pickleball victory (or at least have a blast trying). And if guests still have energy left, they can play shuffleboard, cornhole, bocce ball and arcade games! And of course, there's good food aplenty to fuel the fun well into the night.

Creating a fun vibe is the first priority for this family-run business. To Kerri, that means hiring the right people and surrounding them with a culture that's social, outgoing, and very supportive. One smart idea to accomplish that is with "Spot Awards" gift cards, which Kerri hands out on the spot to employees who go above and beyond for customers.

Health coverage focused on good health and fun

Being focused on the health of the team is a key ingredient to success as well. So, finding the right health coverage for employees was very important to Kerri. She's drawn to Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield because the plans are hassle-free and transparent. She enjoys working with the Wellmark representative and getting a clear breakdown of the benefits. So, when it comes time for her to sit down with her people, it's easy for Kerri to explain the benefits and to talk about how the plan fits the employees' needs. This is a big deal for Kerri, because her employees look at their health and well-being more holistically. They have a lot of questions about what kind of care is covered.

Kerri finds that with Wellmark plans, she can answer the concerns of her people clearly and confidently — thanks to the easy-to-understand plan designs and the open communication with her Wellmark representative. Since employees know their costs and coverage up-front, it takes the worries and uncertainties out of health care for them. Providing plans that are hassle-fee and worry-free, Kerri and her team can focus on creating healthy fun for their community and make Smash Park a smash hit.

Kerri and Monty found their happy place. And they're sharing it with their hometown.

Looking for coverage for your small business?

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Thank you to Smash Park for sharing their story with us.