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5 reasons to go paperless with your EOBs

Help your employees get organized with their EOBs

*This article was last updated on February 1, 2020

Did you know? Large organizations lose a file every six seconds on average. And, managers spend four weeks per year searching for misplaced and lost information External Site.

Making the switch to paperless can seem daunting, but it's essential and efficient in the long run for both you and your employees.

Why not start small? Opt-in for digital delivery of Explanations of Benefits (EOBs).

5 perks of going paperless

Based on the cost savings alone, going paperless is a win. But, the benefits don't stop there — we found five additional perks for both you and your employees.

70 percent of survey respondents chose to receive their EOB online to "go green" and reduce the amount of paper mailed to their home

Source: Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield

  1. No more lost paper.

    Time is money, and money is time. The average employee can spend upwards of two hours looking for files each day. And, with a constant stream of mail (both must-read and junk), it can be easy to misplace or even throw away something they might need later. When employees make the switch to paperless EOBs, they can see all current and archived information with the click of a button! Bonus: EOBs can even be filtered in myWellmark.
  2. Contribute to sustainability.

    We live in a world where companies win awards and receive tax breaks for being energy-efficient and lean. When your company and employees go paperless, you're not only setting an example for others — you're doing your part to create a more sustainable world.
  3. Gain security.

    How many pieces of paper do you or your employees own that are password protected or two-factor authenticated? When it comes to our digital age, you gain security by going paperless. You don't have the risk of throwing something out. You know what they say — one man's trash is another man's treasure.
  4. Worry-free disaster recovery.

    Imagine if a disaster hits your workplace — what's your plan when you lose important documents? Whatever the case may be, you and your employees can feel comfortable knowing their personal health information is kept securely within protected databases.
  5. Free up space.

    Think of all the piles of paper you have sitting around on your desk or in filing cabinets. Reclaim that space by moving to digital; storage, where everything is archived and available without the panic of sorting through piles of paper.

47 percent of respondents made the switch to paperless EOBs to store documents digitally without taking up physical storage space inside their home.

Source: Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield

Create a “Switch to paperless with EOBs” campaign in your workplace

Whether you post informative or promotional articles on your company intranet page, develop a comprehensive email campaign, or simply chat with employees in an all-staff meeting, you have several prime opportunities to inform employees about making the switch to paperless with digital EOBs.

55 percent of digital EOB recipients estimate they receive their EOB more quickly following a visit, compared to 35 percent of paper EOB recipients.

Source: Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield

Here are some resources to help you get started: