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Cut the clutter

Help your employees get organized with their EOBs

Feel like you're constantly rearranging towering stacks of papers or trying to remember where exactly you stored those receipts? Then it could be the perfect time to 'cut the clutter' where you can. With myWellmark®, you can opt in to receive digital Explanations of Benefits (EOBs) to easily organize your health care information.

Educate your employees about the importance — and cost savings — of going paperless. Encourage them to start with switching to receiving their EOBs digitally.

Create an internal campaign within your office.

Through handouts, intranet articles and even information within this article, you can encourage your employees to make the switch to digital EOBs. Check out these resources to get you started:

Going paperless has its perks — not only for your company — but for your employees, too

It’s great to cut down on administrative costs (e.g., paper), but how will making the shift to paperless benefit your employees? Here are five reasons to help encourage your employees to make the switch to digital — don’t worry — these apply to your company, too:

  1. No more lost paper. Health insurance comes with a lot of paperwork. Instead of sifting through stacks and piles of paper to find the receipt or EOB explaining a visit, everything is organized and searchable digitally.
  2. Tax breaks. Did you know that both federal and state governments offer tax credits and rebates for going paperless? Here’s an easy search tool to find these rebates and credits in your state.
  3. Gain security. When it comes to going digital, you gain security. You don’t have the risk of throwing something out — everything is archived. Also, how many pieces of paper with important information have password protection?
  4. Worry-free disaster recovery. Imagine if a disaster hits your workplace. Whatever it may be, you and your employees can feel comfortable knowing their personal health information (PHI) is held securely within protected databases.
  5. Free up space. Think of all the piles of paper you have sitting around on your desk or in filing cabinets. Reclaim that space by moving to digital where everything is archived and available at your fingertips!

The power of one

As a Wellmark member, your employees have access to easy-to-use tools and resources, including myWellmark. By encouraging your employees to log in or register for myWellmark, you make it easier for your employees to see their benefits in action and avoid waiting for an EOB to be sent in the mail.

Questions? Contact your authorized Wellmark account representative, or email us at Send Email.