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Four decades: quality benefits, quality employees

Camp Courageous of Monticello, Iowa

We asked some of our long-time small business customers why they chose — and continue to choose — Wellmark for their health coverage. Here’s the story of Camp Courageous.

On a quaint, quiet road on the outskirts of Monticello, Iowa, lies Camp Courageous External Site. The camp is equipped with well-maintained facilities, a small body of water, animals of all kinds and trees so tall and breathtaking they seem straight out of the picture books you read as a kid.

From the chorus of birds chirping to campers belting out their favorite camps songs — even the way the sun glistens over the 300-acres of land — you instantly know this place is special.

A group of locals founded Camp Courageous in 1972 with the purpose to establish camp for individuals with special needs ranging from age one to 100. By 1974, the camp opened its doors to 211 campers that summer. And today, Camp Courageous operates year-round and serves more than 9,000 individuals with special needs of all kinds.

Why Camp Courageous chooses Wellmark

Camp Courageous is one of a kind

Camp Courageous offers anything and everything a camper could ever imagine: zip-lining, canoeing, hiking, animals, indoor activities, and most importantly, camaraderie.

They give individuals with special needs the feeling of empowerment and courage. Campers are encouraged to look beyond their capabilities and explore with confidence in a safe, welcoming space.

“While there are several other organizations in Iowa that offer camp to those with disabilities, I believe we offer a great ratio of staff members to campers, maintain great facilities, and are always looking for ways to improve,” said Tim Raine, Camp Courageous chief financial officer. “We have several programs and activities that our staff pour hours of dedication into and they accommodate a range of disabilities — everything from physical disabilities to those on the autism spectrum.”

Four decades' worth: quality benefits, quality employees, quality service

With four decades worth of history and tradition under its belt, Camp Courageous wouldn’t be where it is today without having the right staff or organizational culture in place. At Camp Courageous, the biggest challenge isn’t maintaining a revenue stream as a nonprofit, it’s finding the right staff. And, this isn’t possible without a selective hiring process or an attractive benefits package.

“Simply put, Camp Courageous has been around for a long time, and we’ve had Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield as our insurance provider ever since. There is no better company out there,” said Raine. “Wellmark’s plans best fit our employees' needs and it comes with a great network and customer service — keeping our employees happy year after year.”

Camp Courageous believes in finding every way to maintain longevity and continuity in their staff. And, no other insurance carrier can compare to what Wellmark brings to their staff’s benefit offerings.

Looking for coverage for your small business?

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About the series

We wanted to learn more about why some of our long-time small business customers continue to choose Wellmark for their health coverage in their own words. Trust, shared values, experience, longevity and understanding continually come to the forefront.

Thank you Camp Courageous for sharing their story with us.