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4 reasons to offer an executive physical program

What are they, and who are they for?

It’s no secret: Your executives spend a lot of time at work. They are an essential function to your business. They make the big decisions that impact every aspect of the company, drive the strategy, lead and manage various teams, and set an example both in and out of the workplace.

The positions your executives hold come with a lot of responsibility — which can lead to high stress and less time spent on their overall health and well-being. This might mean swapping healthy eating for ease and convenience, exercise for sitting with poor posture, a good night’s rest for finishing one more task, and meditation for chronic stress.

So where would you be without them? And, if a health issue takes them out of the office, do you wonder if it could have been prevented or caught earlier? The answer is probably yes.

Your executives deserve the very best when it comes to their health because they do the very best every single day for your company. So how can you help them?

The answer is providing an executive physical benefit.

What are executive physicals?

While we know how important it is for your employees to engage in preventive care, and create a relationship with their personal doctor, executive physicals can provide peace of mind for your executives, their families, and the company.

Services of an executive physical can include, but are not limited to:

  • Physical exam
  • Resting EKG
  • Laboratory work
  • Cardiac calcium scoring
  • Advanced cardiac stress test
  • Hearing screening
  • Spirometry screening
  • Health coaching sessions
  • Pap smear (women)
  • Mammogram (women)
  • Bone density scan (women 50+ and men 60+)
  • Carotid, abdominal, aortic, and peripheral vascular screenings
  • Dermatology screening

Who should receive executive physicals within my workplace?

While it may seem straightforward, the term “executive physicals” can be misleading. Depending on your company, executive physicals can be available to whomever you deem necessary: the CEO, entire C-Suite, or maybe even rising stars in the business.

4 reasons to offer executive physicals in your workplace

  1. Improves personal health among your executives.

    While your executives may feel healthy, an executive physical features comprehensive, in-depth preventive screenings that go beyond the basics of what health insurance covers to provide a snapshot of overall health and risks. In turn, giving your executives the knowledge, they need to make informed decisions about their health for years to come.
  2. Lowers and identifies health risks among key individuals.

    Providing an avenue for your employees to reduce short or long-term health risks not only will help improve your employee’s health, but it will keep your business healthy, too. For example, if an executive has a heart attack or cancer diagnosis, this could result in a six to seven-figure care cost External Site A terminal diagnosis could result in instability of your operations and market perceptions, even lower the stock price if you’re a public company. Mitigating these risks can help with long-term succession planning and ensure your company is prepared in the unfortunate event of something happening to an executive.
  3. Manages long-term health and cost for employees and your business.

    There are numerous reasons why health insurance costs are so high. One way to keep health care costs down is to detect, manage or prevent any health problems that attribute to expensive bills.
  4. Attracts and retains employees.

    Your executives have proved themselves to be the best-of-the-best within their career, so why not provide them with the best when it comes to their health benefits? By offering an executive physical benefit to your executives, you show them you care and are invested in their health. Not to mention, this benefit offering is very attractive to outside talent. Consider these questions when deciding if an executive physical benefit is worth it:
    1. What would be the impact to your business if you lost a certain executive? How about to a competitor?
    2. What is the value of keeping your executives at your company year-after-year?

One woman’s success story with executive physicals

Need more convincing on why your workplace should offer an executive physicals program? Read this feature from the Iowa Clinic External Site on Iowa woman, Kim Medici Shelquist. Years of traditional physical exams confirmed what this executive already believed: she was healthy. But one test completely changed her perspective.

Consider a workplace well-being program

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a workplace well-being program has the potential to keep your employees in the “low-risk” category by promoting health maintenance and supporting the unhealthy employees in higher-risk categories to lower overall health insurance costs. A review of 56 published sites of workplace well-being programs showed that well-being programs can lead to 25 percent savings each on absenteeism, health care costs, workers’ compensation and disability management costs.

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