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September 12, 2018

DES MOINES, IA – Throughout the 2018-2019 football and basketball seasons, college sports fans are encouraged to nominate their Iowa or South Dakota hometowns for a chance to receive an award from Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield’s 3-Point Play program. Each time a successful field goal is kicked or a 3-pointer is drained by any of the Division I university sports teams in both states, Wellmark awards $300 and $20, respectively, to support health improvement projects that enhance community infrastructure, such as parks, playgrounds and trails. Since 2010, more than $670,000 has been awarded.“

The 3-Point Play program inspires sports fans to eat right, move more and feel better,” said Chris Verlengia, Wellmark’s senior brand marketing manager. “It also provides a unique opportunity for communities in Iowa and South Dakota to engage and mobilize their residents toward a future of better health. We continue to be captivated by the variety of innovative projects communities have completed with this critical funding.”

To date, funding from Wellmark’s 3-Point Play has helped improve park experiences, extend and create new trails and upgrade indoor and outdoor recreation facilities such as basketball and sand volleyball courts and disc golf courses.

Nominate your hometown

Wellmark’s 2018-2019 3-Point Play program officially kicked off on Sept. 1, and fans are encouraged to nominate their hometown now for a chance to receive one of this year’s awards. Whether you’re attending a game in person or listening on the radio, simply wait for the cue to participate, then follow the instructions to text in your nomination or submit it online at

Community leaderboards and additional program information — including complete rules and regulations — are available via the program’s website.