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Secure E-message

Getting started

Federal privacy regulations require Wellmark to provide a secure manner for the electronic exchange of confidential information. We partner with ZixCorp for our Secure E-Message system.

The first time Wellmark sends a secure E-Message notification to your personal e-mail inbox, you will be asked to validate your e-mail address. (You will be asked for this validation even if you are already a registered user of

Accessing your messages

Here are the steps to access secure E-Messages:

  1. If you have a Secure E-Message from Wellmark, you will receive an e-mail in your personal e-mail inbox.
  2. Select the hyperlink in the e-mail. This will launch the Secure E-Message login page in your browser.
  3. Type your user ID and password, then select the Log In button. Your Wellmark Secure E-Message mailbox will return in your browser window.

Things to note:

  • After you have read your secure E-Message, you may send a secure E-Message reply by selecting the Reply button at the top of the E-Message.
  • Secure E-Message are available for 180 days from the sent date. After 180 days, the e-messages "expire" and delete out of your Wellmark Secure E-Message mailbox.
  • You may forward a secure E-Message to a Wellmark employee. If you try to forward to anyone else, you will receive an error message. Forwarding an E-Message is secure.


As a registered user of Wellmark's Secure E-Message services, you can securely access your Wellmark Secure E-Message mailbox at anytime by selecting the link within a Wellmark Secure E-Message notification or by logging in to your Secure E-Message mailbox (does not allow a registration for new account option).

You can do the following:

Read E-Messages From Wellmark

To access and read past E-Messages:

  1. Select the Inbox tab. A list of your secure E-Messages will return on the page.
  2. Open an E-Message by selecting an E-Message subject link.
  3. Use the Download button contained within the E-Message to read an attachment.

Reply to the sender

To reply to a Wellmark employee:

  1. Open an E-Message.
  2. Select the Reply button to send a secure reply to the sender. A reply form returns on the page with the To and Subject fields automatically completed for you. Note: You may forward a secure E-Message to a Wellmark employee. If you try to forward to anyone else, you will receive an error message. Forwarding E-Messages is secure.
  3. Type your reply in the Message field.
  4. Options:
    • To attach a document to your reply, select the Attach File button, under the message field, and follow the prompts. 
    • To set an E-Message priority, select the Down Arrow button on the priority field, then select the appropriate priority. 
  5. Select the Send button when you are ready to send your secure E-Message.

Obtaining a direct connection - brokers, employers, and providers

Transport Layer Security (TLS) is an easy way to secure a connection over the Internet to facilitate transmissions between Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield's e-mail relay and the e-mail relay of external entities. It's the newest version of secure socket layer (SSL) with enhanced security features — simply put, it establishes a secure "tunnel" over the Internet.

Is TLS a good fit for my company?

If you answer "yes" to the questions below, then TLS is a good fit for your company.

  • Do you manage your own e-mail relay server?
  • Do you have your own up-to-date SSL/TLS certificate (128-bit version) installed on your e-mail relay server?
  • Does your e-mail system support TLS, and do you have the ability to enable it?
  • Does your work force experience high e-mail volumes?
  • Do you employ multiple users who routinely transmit protected health information (PHI) to Wellmark?

Obtaining a TLS line

TLS is low-cost, and certificates (if you do not have one) are easy to obtain, install, and maintain. TLS does not require client-side software, and the end-user is not required to register or log in to open secure e-messages.