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Coyotes scoring for South Dakota!


$300 per field goal
$20 per 3-point basket

  1. Vermillion
  2. Parker
  3. Brandon
*Rank is determined by weighing the number of nominations for a hometown against its total population.

Giving back

To date, funding from Wellmark's 3-Point Play at the University of South Dakota has enabled construction of a new park and maintenance of vital facilities in multiple South Dakota communities.

The local Community Center in Viborg installed a new gym floor with its recent award of 3-Point Play funds. The Center is Viborg's hub of activity, hosting youth and adult recreational league sports and providing space for residents to continue walking during the winter months.

In Vermillion, funding from several previous seasons of Wellmark's 3-Point Play were leveraged to construct a combination skateboard park and ice skating rink at Barstow Park. The project was identified through a multi-year community needs assessment, which revealed that a mixed-use park concept provided the greatest opportunity to positively impact citizen wellness.

These community health improvement projects, made possible through the 3-Point Play program, are providing South Dakotans access to more free health and wellness spaces and equipment. It's just one of the many ways Wellmark is helping build vibrant, active communities. Learn more about Wellmark's community engagement initiatives.

Since 2010, Wellmark has donated more than $90,000 to South Dakota health projects in partnership with the South Dakota Coyotes.