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Cyclones scoring for Iowa!


$300 per field goal
$20 per 3-point basket

  1. Lohrville
  2. Winterset
  3. Carroll
*Rank is determined by weighing the number of nominations for a hometown against its total population.

Giving back

To date, funding from Wellmark's 3-Point Play at Iowa State University has been used to expand access to health and wellness equipment in several Iowa communities.

Most recently, Pocahontas used the program funds to enhance its parks, upgrading frequently-used sand volleyball courts.

Prior to that, the City of Ames used 3-Point Play funds to purchase new cardiovascular and weight equipment for the Ames Community Center. The additional equipment, including treadmills and elliptical trainers, allows the Center to enhance the available offerings for more than 20,000 guests each year.

These community health improvement projects, made possible through the 3-Point Play program, are providing Iowans access to more free health and wellness spaces and equipment. It's just one of the many ways Wellmark is helping build vibrant, active communities. Learn more about Wellmark's community engagement initiatives.

Since 2010, Wellmark has donated more than $140,000 to Iowa health projects in partnership with the Iowa State Cyclones.