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Wellmark has partnered with Good & Healthy South Dakota to promote healthy lifestyles in South Dakota. Whether it’s planting community gardens, making your town more walkable, or volunteering, Healthy Hometown is here to help.

So, what can we do?

Healthy Hometown has three paths communities can follow to make improvements: eat well, move more, feel better. Improvements can be made in a number of places: schools, worksites, community organizations, etc. If you're willing to do the work, we'll put you on the right path.

Examples of ways you can improve your community include:*

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Eat Well

  • Healthy vending options
  • Community or school gardens
  • Encourage non-food fundraisers

Move More

  • Develop a complete streets policy — improving walkability and bikeability
  • Physical activity breaks for school children
  • Identify safe walking routes

Feel Better

  • Create volunteer opportunities
  • Start a wellness committee
  • Establish nicotine-free areas

* Just an example of more than 100 evidence-based possibilities.

Get assistance from the experts.

Experts are available to help in prioritizing and implementing a plan to make healthy choices available and easy for residents to adopt. All of this is available at no cost. Click Get Assistance to fill out the form and take the next step.

Get assistance from the experts

Committed to community improvement — community successes

Healthy Hometown continues to use proven strategies to help communities change the environment to make healthy choices easier in both Iowa and South Dakota. Find out how Aberdeen, Martin and Sioux Falls earned 2022 Healthy HometownSM Powered by Wellmark Community Awards.

2021 Healthy Aberdeen
2021 Healthy Milbank
2021 Healthy Rosebud Reservation

Previous winners

By the end of 2022, more than 20 South Dakota communities have made changes that helped their residents make the healthy choice the easy choice. Learn what communities across Iowa and South Dakota have done Opens in new window through Healthy HometownSM Powered by Wellmark.

2022 Healthy Your Town

Healthy Hometown and Good & Healthy South Dakota will announce the 2023 Healthy HometownSM Powered by Wellmark Community Awards winners on Oct. 12, 2023.

Learn more about the Healthy HometownSM Powered by Wellmark Community Award.

Contact us

Still wondering if Healthy Hometown is right for your community? We are happy to help answer any questions. All you need to do is give us a call at 605-373-7490 or email us at Send Email.

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