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Five years ago when Wellmark started community health improvement work in Iowa, we truly were on the forefront of the private sector making a significant investment in this type of work. Also, the approach of integrating behavioral economic principles into the built environment was not mainstream at the time, even by public health standards.

Based on our experiences in Iowa, we've learned:

  • Every community is different. Each has its own priority.
  • Communities that commit to transformation can accomplish big things one step at a time.
  • A healthy and vibrant population leads to a healthy and vibrant community and economy!

While we continue to build upon the work we are doing in Iowa, we are excited to expand these learnings into South Dakota. We want South Dakotans to have the opportunity to improve their overall well-being through community-based initiatives.


Healthy HometownSM Powered by Wellmark is designed to make the healthy choice the easy choice and improve overall well-being. Every community has different priorities, as well as people and budgets to put plans into action. Healthy Hometown can be customized easily for a community’s level of interest and commitment.

The Healthy Hometown model has three paths that communities can follow to make improvements: eat well, move more and feel better. Improvements can be made in the following places: community, health care provider, organization/institution, retail food, school and worksite.

South Dakota Communities have two ways to participate:

  1. Do a self-assessment. The self-assessment tool is available online for schools, worksites and communities
  2. Ask for help from experts. A community can submit a Healthy Hometown Statement of Interest PDF File requesting expert assistance in prioritizing and implementing a plan to make healthy choices available and easy for residents to adopt.

Still wondering if this is right for your community? Please give us a call at 605-373-7490 or email Send Email. We are happy to help answer any questions you may have and help get you started on a path to making the healthy choice the easy choice.

Interested in Healthy Hometown and improvements you personally can make to eat well, move more and feel better? Check out these simple tips PDF File that will help you make healthy choices easier.