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Be remarkable. Use your strengths. Develop your story. Focus your health.

Passionately driven. Remarkable results.

Making health care better is at the heart of what we do and believe. By valuing each other's differences and strengths, we can develop innovative products and services that ultimately improve the lives of our members. Employees make health care better every day, and by doing so, inspire each other to learn more, to think more creatively, and to achieve more — passion drives remarkable results and leads to growth at Wellmark.

Talent development

We grow talent. From day one, we'll help you discover your strengths. Continuous learning is also one of our core values, so we're committed to supporting your personal and professional growth.

Our employees are encouraged to use their strengths every day, and they're empowered to create their own success. We offer resources that help in each person's development journey, including instructor-led and online courses, challenging projects, mentorship, leader development, networking opportunities, educational assistance and more.

An inclusive culture

We are all different — and, we like that. Recognizing, respecting, and maximizing our differences provides Wellmark a competitive advantage. The diversity of experience, strengths, ideas, cultures, and beliefs creates an environment of innovation, connectivity and commitment.

Inclusion is part of our core values — vital to our business and long-term success. Our commitment to inclusion has been recognized locally and nationally with more than 60 awards since 2009.

Nationally recognized for our commitment to diversity

Here's what our President and CEO Cory Harris says about inclusion at Wellmark:

As the leading health insurance company in Iowa and South Dakota, our stakeholders and our communities are counting on us to listen, educate, learn, protect, show up and speak up.

Our diverse workforce and our culture of inclusion lets us collectively accomplish amazing things that none of us could do alone. These core values create a culture where differences are appreciated, allowing each of us to use our unique strengths to serve our members and improve people's lives.

We are a unified team committed to preserving, protecting, and continuously improving the culture of our company."

Cory Harris President and Chief Executive Officer