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Register for the Wellmark Provider Portal

With the Wellmark Provider Portal, you can:

  • View and download provider claim remittances (Online PCRs)
  • Check member eligibility, benefits and accumulations 
  • Check claim status
  • Ask and track a question
  • Send Wellmark medical and drug authorization requests 
  • View clinician fee schedules 
  • Submit electronic claims 

Register as a participating or non-participating provider


Participating providers are providers who have entered into a services agreement (contract) with Wellmark to deliver health care services to Wellmark members as an in-network provider. Once you have received a notification letter indicating your network effective dates, you are considered a participating provider.


Non-participating providers are providers who do not participate in any Wellmark network, but who are interested in submitting claims for health care services provided to Wellmark members.


Follow the two steps outlined below to register for the Provider Portal.


Step 1 - Register

Select a main designated security coordinator (DSC)

Your organization's main DSC has a number of responsibilities, such as:

  • Completing the registration process.
  • Assigning access rights for staff to various applications.
  • Logging in to the Wellmark Provider Portal at least every 90 days to keep the account active.
Tip: Wellmark accepts one main DSC per tax identification number (TIN). Our system will indicate whether the TIN is already registered.



Step 2 - Register

Complete online registration

Complete online registration as your organization’s main DSC. Begin by reading the Terms and Conditions, and after clicking I Accept, complete the registration process.


Note: Non-participating providers will receive the Wellmark Web Access Agreement once their registration is received, prior to activation.


Once you receive the email notification of your activation, we recommend completing a few steps to get set up to easily and efficiently work with Wellmark. Visit our Working with Wellmark page to learn more.


» Register now


I need secure access to:

Tools and resources related to:

  • Claims
  • Payment
  • Benefits
  • Authorizations

Take me there.


E-credentialing Central to access these tools:

  • Application Tool
  • Change Request Tool
  • Recredentialing Tool
  • Provider Directory Update Tool
  • Submission Status Tracker
  • Submission History Tool
  • View my Organization
  • Manage my Users

Take me there.

Technical Assistance

Call us:


Monday through Friday
7:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. CST

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