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Quality And Transparency

Wellmark is providing quality initiative and cost tools to help patients more effectively choose a provider, make more informed health care choices, and learn what is important when seeking health care.


The following tools were or are being implemented:

Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS)  

These performance measures allow consumers to compare health plan performance to other plans and to national or regional benchmarks. 

   Patient Review of Providers

Find out how this patient review program equips patients with information they can use to select or evaluate a provider.

Physician Quality Measurement

Find out more about this quality program that assists patients in selecting a provider based on clinician performance measurements.


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E-credentialing Central to access these tools:

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  • Change Request Tool
  • Recredentialing Tool
  • Provider Directory Update Tool (coming soon)
  • Submission Status Tracker
  • Submission History Tool
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