Manage Authorizations

Some medical services, procedures, durable medical equipment (DME), and drugs require approval before they can be covered by your patients' benefits.


View important details about authorization


Out-of-Area Member Authorizations


Start the Authorization Process

Step 1

Verify if authorization is required.


Use the medical or drug authorization table to determine if you need authorization.


Medical Authorization Table (Procedures, Imaging, and DME)

Drug Authorization Table (Medications and drugs)


Step 2 Submit an authorization request


Submitting online using Wellmark's secure tools is easy and only takes a few minutes.


Log in to submit an authorization request


Medical - Inpatient

Medical - Procedures and DME

Medical - Servicing Providers



Step 3

Check the status of an authorization


Log in to check the status or see if further action is needed.


Medical - Inpatient

Medical - Procedures and DME

Medical - Servicing Providers



Learn more about response times and notifications


Note: Upon receiving approval, you will be given an authorization number. Please reference this number on all claims related to the specific procedure or service requiring prior approval. Also, remember that services determined as not medically necessary, or investigational or experimental, are the liability of the provider.



User Guides

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Procedures, Imaging and DME User Guide secure

Out-of-Network Services User Guide secure

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Discharge Notification Steps secure

Drug Authorization User Guide (NovoLogix) pdf

NovoLogix FAQ pdf

NovoLogix Training Video Play Video


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