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Member Health Support Programs

Wellmark's health management programs and services can assist your patients in meeting the specific goals you've established together. Refer your patients who are Wellmark members to the following programs and services* by using this One Call Connect referral form  or calling One Call Connect at 888-780-1862.

* All members are not eligible for all services/programs.

Personal Health Assistant

One phone number gives members 24/7 access to a team of registered nurses and other health professionals for information, decision-making assistance, and assistance in navigating the health care system.

Wellness Education or Health Support

Engaging members in their own health and wellness

Online wellness education and support programs to promote healthier behaviors.

  • An integrated lifestyle management program tailored to the member's needs.
  • Web-based programs for weight management/nutrition, physical activity,  stress management, medication adherence, depression, and the QuitNet® smoking cessation program. 
  • Assistance identifying and connecting members with local community resources health and wellness education and/or support, such as nutrition seminars, weight loss or smoking cessation support groups, physical activity groups, etc.

Personal Health Assessment

Health risk assessment survey tool

A fully-integrated, Web-based program designed to help members assess, maintain or identify opportunities to improve their health status. 

Community Assistance with Health Related Needs

Access to services and support beyond the health plan

A link to community services needed to support our members' health and well-being, such as transportation to the doctor's office, Meals on Wheels, eldercare services, etc.

Medication Adherence Education and Support

Understanding medications

  • Assists members in understanding how to take their medications.
  • Provides education on medication related subjects such as safety, effectiveness, the use of generics, and the importance of adherence to the clinician's plan of care.

Chronic Illness Support and Education

Long term, condition-specific support for those with chronic illness

Support and assistance for members with specific chronic illnesses. Programs reinforce the clinician treatment plan and help encourage and enable condition self- management. Programs may be available for members with: 

  • Diabetes
  • Asthma
  • Coronary Artery Disease

Case Management

Acute and/or complex medical situation/diagnosis support 

  • One-on-one support for complex cases/diagnoses, such as a serious illness, surgery, or a transplant.
  • Facilitation of transitions from inpatient to outpatient or ambulatory care settings.
  • Coordinated interventions and assistance for both the member and their family in line with the clinician's treatment plan.
  • Education and support on condition self-management.

Pregnancy Education and Prenatal Support

Support for women at risk for preterm births or other complications

  • A primary obstetrical nurse is assigned to women with the highest risk pregnancies,
  • Support through personalized health information, education, and assistance.

Palliative Care Support

Improving quality of life for individuals and families dealing with advanced illness

Palliative care supports delivery of care that serves to relieve suffering and improve the quality of life for individuals with advanced illness and their families.

  • Offered in conjunction with all other appropriate forms of medical treatment.
  • Facilitated by an interdisciplinary team with symptom and pain control integrated into the treatment plan.

Assisting with Navigation, Care Coordination, and Benefit/Claims Information

Additional services for providers and members to help navigate the health care system

  • Make an appointment or assist with coordination of PCP Office Visits, specialist appointments, lab work and diagnostic testing
  • Facilitate transfer of medical records, x-rays, or lab results
  • Provide assistance with benefit or claim questions

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