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Submission Status Tracker

This tool is the definitive resource for obtaining the current status of provider credentialing and recredentialing applications, and provider change requests necessary for doing business with Wellmark.

How it works

You can search using your E-credentialing submission number or individual national provider identifier (NPI) number(s). Results are displayed with the dates of key activities associated with your submission.

Helpful tips
  • When you use this tool, you see exactly what Wellmark staff see. This eliminates any need for status inquiries by phone or email.
  • Remember, you will receive an email when your request has been completed.
  • The application process may take up to 90 days to complete. Please allow ample time in advance of the provider's actual start date for the application to complete the process.
Search Now

Enter your E-credentialing submission number or individual NPI to begin your search. You can enter up to ten numbers total, separated by a comma.

Results will be available in this tracker for 90 days after notification sent.


View process maps below or refer to the Credentialing and Network Participation  PDF section of the Wellmark Provider Guide.

View Process Maps

Are you curious about what happens to your credentialing application, recredentialing submission or change request after it arrives at Wellmark? The process maps below provide a basic overview.

Change Request

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