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Communication and Resources

Obtain forms, training, and information for everyday tasks:

Provider Guide

Learn how to do business with Wellmark. Get answers to your questions from credentialing to claims filing to specialty services and more.

   Real-time Updates  

Register for the Wellmark Information Notification System (WINS) to receive up-to-date information about changes that impact your business.


Sign up for videoconferences and events exclusively for providers, download training manuals, and take online courses offered by Wellmark.


Get the latest version and view archives of BlueInk magazine.

Clinical Guidelines  

Research guidelines for maintaining patients' good health and for treating conditions such as asthma, diabetes, and depression.


Claims processing, coordination of care, credentialing and enrollment, and more.

Provider Experience Council

Learn more about a new online forum for providers to share experiences and thoughts about working with Wellmark.


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Tools and resources related to:

  • Claims
  • Payment
  • Benefits
  • Utilization Management

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E-credentialing Central to access these tools:

  • Application Tool (coming soon)
  • Change Request Tool
  • Recredentialing Tool
  • Provider Directory Update Tool (coming soon)
  • Submission Status Tracker
  • Submission History Tool
  • View my Organization
  • Manage my Users

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