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Claims and Payment

Discover more about claim filing requirements, reviews, and Wellmark's payment and coding policies.

Appeals and Inquiries  

Learn about Wellmark's preservice inquiry and postservice appeal processes.

   Submitting Electronic Claims

Find out how to register to submit electronic claims to Wellmark, and learn what happens after you submit a claim.

Electronic Transaction/HIPAA Guides

Learn how to submit various types of claims, and how to check eligibility and benefits, and claims status.


Enhanced Ambulatory Patient Groupings (EAPGs) 
Learn about Enhanced Ambulatory Patient Groupings (EAPGs), Wellmark's new outpatient facility payment methodology.


View policies for these types of claims:

Important Secure Content

Ancillary Claims  

Find out the claims filing guidelines for these ancillary services: independent clinical laboratories, durable medical equipment suppliers, and orthotics and prosthetics.

   Treo Website Access Request - Provider Payment  
Access Request form for providers to gain access to the Treo Sharepoint Site which holds Hospital and Facility payment information. 

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Tools and resources related to:

  • Claims
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E-credentialing Central to access these tools:

  • Application Tool (coming soon)
  • Change Request Tool
  • Recredentialing Tool
  • Provider Directory Update Tool (coming soon)
  • Submission Status Tracker
  • Submission History Tool
  • View my Organization
  • Manage my Users

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