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Wellmark Foundation Awards Grant Funds to the City of Manning

Grant, chosen from 112 applicants, helps create the first concrete trail in the City of Manning

June 26, 2014

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(Manning, Iowa) –The City of Manning recently received $25,000 from the Wellmark Foundation to help fund the City Park Connector Trail. The project will help build approximately 2,200 feet of concrete trail, providing pedestrian access to wellness opportunities such as the recreation center, football and soccer fields, community gardens, the city park, and the little league fields.

City Park Connector Trail
The City of Manning worked with JEO Consulting and the public in 2012 to create a Master Trail Plan. This trail is one of nine legs identified by the public and city.

“The City Park Connector Trail will allow families to safely and conveniently maintain active lifestyles in our community,” said Dawn Rohe, Manning City Administrator.

Funding of this $137,167 trail comes from several sources. The City of Manning has been awarded a $25,000 grant from the Wellmark Foundation and a grant of $75,000 from Resource Enhancement and Protection commonly referred to as REAP. The remaining balance is being funded by local donations and fundraisers, as well as bequests from Max Timmerman, Leola (Leuth) Timmerman, and Richard Knowles.

“This donation from the Wellmark Foundation gives the project the boost it needs to start construction,” said Dawn Rohe, Manning City Administrator. “Without this grant, we wouldn’t be able to provide the community with this great amenity.” Construction is estimated to be completed this fall. 

Grant one of only 19 selected                    
The Wellmark Foundation is a non-profit foundation that seeks to improve the health of Iowans, South Dakotans, and their communities. Through its 2014 Healthy Communities small grant program, the Foundation received 112 grant requests from various organizations seeking support for smaller community health projects. This grant award to the City of Manning represents one of nineteen competitively awarded grants across Iowa and South Dakota to establish pilot efforts or expand upon current community health initiatives.

The Wellmark Foundation is proud to award a cumulative total of $404,000 to these nineteen grant recipients.

“Manning already provides its residents with various opportunities to improve their fitness and encourage healthy habits,” said Stephanie Perry, The Wellmark Foundation. “The City Park Connector Trail provides  a great opportunity to increase accessibility to Manning’s existing wellness facilities, and for residents to maintain the healthy, active lifestyle The Wellmark Foundation believes in.”

For more information on the City Park Connector Trail, contact Dawn Rohe, or 712-655-2176. For more information regarding the Wellmark Foundation and its grant programs, contact Teresa Roof at 515-376-5869.

About The Wellmark Foundation
The Wellmark Foundation is a private, non-profit foundation created by Wellmark, Inc., doing business as Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Iowa. Please visit The Wellmark Foundation's Web site to learn more about our grant program, as well as a list of previous grant recipients. Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield and The Wellmark Foundation are independent licensees of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.

About the City of Manning
The City of Manning was established in 1881.  Manning is known for its forward-thinking approach and can-do attitude.  The Parks and Recreation Department operates the 24-hour access Recreation Center, the Warren Timmerman Shelter House, the football, soccer, and baseball fields, the City Park, and will oversee the trail system.


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