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Wellmark Foundation grant funds awarded to the City of Davenport

Grant, chosen from over 90 applicants, helps promote healthy eating

December 19, 2013

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(Davenport, Iowa) – Today, the Wellmark Foundation and the City of Davenport held a check presentation to recognize the future utilization of the “Veggie Mobile”, or traveling fresh food vehicle, as well as the continued success of the community foods plan. Funded by a grant for $45,000 from the Wellmark Foundation, the Quad Cities Food Hub Veggie Mobile will increase access to healthy, fresh, locally grown food to area residents of all economic backgrounds, expand markets for local farmers, and improving access for low-income families and individuals.

Quad Cities Food Hub Veggie Mobile
Building on the initial success of the Quad Cities Food hub local foods grocery store at the Freight House, the community foods plan envisions greater community outreach through the purchase and utilization of a “Veggie Mobile”, a traveling fresh food vehicle. Such an operation would increase access of healthy, fresh, locally grown food to area residents of all economic backgrounds and expand markets for local farmers, as well as access for low-income individuals and families. Education programming will also be a critical component of the mobile operation as it stops in neighborhoods throughout the Quad Cities community.

“It is gratifying to be partner to an initiative that generates such a profound ripple effect of community benefit,” said Carla Jaquet, Chairman of the Quad Cities Food Hub.  “The Veggie Mobile is the third of the Quad Cities Food Hub goals to be realized in effort to develop a local food distribution infrastructure and uphold the organizations mission to connect producers and consumers. The linking of QCFH Local Market Store, Veggie Mobile, and virtual - local food market place will augment successful current local food sales and build a solid foundation to support a sustainable local food chain to the Quad Cities and surrounding area.”

Grant one of only eight selected
The Wellmark Foundation is a non-profit foundation that seeks to improve the health of Iowans, South Dakotans and their communities. Through its 2013 Matching Assets to Community Health (MATCH) Grant Program, the Foundation received 91 grant requests seeking support for smaller community health projects. This grant award to the city of Davenport represents one of eight competitively awarded grants to create pilot efforts or expand health initiatives throughout Iowa and South Dakota focused on childhood obesity prevention and community-based wellness projects.

The Wellmark Foundation is proud to award a cumulative total of over $350,588 to these eight grant recipients to serve as catalyst funding for local health projects.

“The Veggie Mobile is an innovative way to expand the Davenport community’s access to healthy food options and information on proper nutrition,” said Wellmark Foundation Director Matt McGarvey. “We are pleased to help with the continued success of the Quad Cities Food Hub project.”

Quad Cities Food Hub
The mission of the Quad Cities Food Hub is to support healthy lifestyles by promoting local food production, connecting producers and consumers, and cultivating education and training programs.  On the balanced foundation laid by its originating committee members, the Quad Cities Food Hub, together with key stakeholders, in 2012 began its work to carry out the initial group’s vision of a sustainable local food system fostered through community partnership. Now a recognized Regional Food System Working Group, the organization continues to uphold those primary core values and work toward realization of its various goals. Visit to learn more.

For more information on the Quad Cities Food Hub Veggie Mobile, contact Carla Jaquet at 309/236-0281 or  For more information regarding the Wellmark Foundation and its grant programs, visit


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