GrantEE Toolbox

The grantee toolbox contains important resources for current Wellmark Foundation grantees. If you have additional questions beyond the information provided here, please do not hesitate to contact Foundation staff. The grantee toolbox contains:

Interim Progress Report Format
Utilize the Interim Progress Report format (Word) for interim progress reports. Please do not use this format when submitting your final grant report. Interim progress reports should discuss the grant’s activities since the previously submitted interim progress report and include a cumulative budget report.

Final Report Format
Utilize the Final Report format (Word) when your grant period has ended and all grant funds have been spent. If a portion of your grant remains unspent, please contact Foundation staff prior to preparing a final report. The final grant report should report activities throughout the entire project period, not just activities since the previous report submission.

Grant Amendment Request Form
Please complete the Grant Amendment Request Form (Word) when requesting a change in the administration of your grant from your original proposal. Potential changes might include a budget amendment or a no-cost time extension. Budgetary changes that do not exceed $3,000 or 10% of the grant amount (whichever is less) do not require completion of this form. Rather, these smaller changes should be reported on your routine progress reports.

Foundation Logos
When identifying the funding source for your grant, it is important to correctly list the source as The Wellmark Foundation. Naming the funding source as Wellmark or Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield is incorrect.

If you wish to use The Wellmark Foundation logo in your grant materials or in any publicity materials, you may utilize the logos below. If you need a different logo file type, please contact Foundation staff.

The Wellmark Foundation logo must include the following disclosure statement:

  • The Wellmark Foundation is an Independent Licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.

The disclosure statement may be in a small font, such as 6-point type.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we change the project's budget?
Adjustments to your budget will be considered by the Foundation. Budgetary changes must be consistent with the original objectives of the grant award. Requests for significant budget changes must be approved by Foundation staff.

Submit your request to Foundation staff using the Grant Amendment Request Form. Smaller changes do not require completion of this form and may simply be reported within your routine progress report. In general, small changes would not exceed $3000 or 10% of the grant amount, whichever is less.

Can we request an extension of the grant project's end date?
No-cost time extensions will be considered by the Foundation. Project objectives and activities during the extension period must be consistent with the grant award's original objectives. Submit your request to Foundation staff using the Grant Amendment Request Form. At the discretion of the Foundation, additional reporting requirements may be assigned during the no-cost time extension.

If we currently have a grant with The Wellmark Foundation, can we apply for another Wellmark Foundation grant?
Nothing excludes a current grantee from subsequent proposal submissions. However, new proposals should be for a different purpose or scope of work than the initially awarded grant to avoid the potential for duplication or overlap in funding support.

Will Foundation staff conduct a post-award site visit with our project team?
Foundation staff will visit select grantees during their project period. Selection depends on many factors, including grant amount, grantee location, project type, and project status. Selection for a site visit does not necessarily indicate a positive or negative perception of the grant’s progress by the Foundation.

What are the goals of a post-award site visit? How should we prepare?
The primary goals of a post-award site visit are to meet with the project team to:

  • Learn about the progress of the project
  • Offer assistance
  • Answer any questions about reporting and other grant requirements
  • Discuss future funding opportunities.

How these goals are accomplished can vary from grantee to grantee. In some cases, Foundation staff may attend an advisory committee meeting, a planning meeting, or an educational meeting related to the project. The best preparation is to have all key players ready to discuss the project’s achievements and challenges. Foundation staff are there to help you find solutions so open dialogue is critical to a productive meeting.

We are nearing the end of our project period and still have about $2,000 in grant funds remaining. How should we proceed?
When your final report is submitted, it must include a budget report that documents the final budget for the project including how all grant monies were spent. Final grant expenditures must be within $250 of the grant award to be considered a satisfactory budget report. Since your remaining balance exceeds this amount, you should contact Foundation staff to discuss your best plan of action.

Generally, the best course is to request a no-cost extension to continue or expand the work of the project through the use of these remaining funds. If there is no opportunity to continue the work of the project, any remaining funds must be returned to the Foundation.

We would like to propose a change in our budget. Should we complete the form first, or contact the Foundation to discuss the possibilities first?
The Grant Amendment Request Form is not intended to minimize interaction between grantees and Foundation staff. Rather, the form intends to provide both parties with standard documentation of important changes in grant responsibilities.

If your proposed change is straightforward, it may save you time to simply complete and submit the form. If the proposed change is not simple or you're considering several potential options, contact Foundation staff first to discuss your plans.


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