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The Wellmark Foundation is offering small grants for projects that support unique and innovative community-based proposals addressing our funding priority areas.  An abbreviated application process allows you to focus your efforts on developing a project versus completing a detailed grant application.  Grant awards are capped at $25,000.  The project duration can be up to one year beginning May 1, 2014, but can be shorter if you propose it within the scope of your project and application.  The scoring tool to be used in evaluating these small grant submissions is available to you from Wellmark Foundation staff or on our website.

This process is developed to allow you to:

  1. Do the necessary groundwork and steps to support either time or work that doesn’t necessarily require large funding awards to create impact;
  2. Serve as a catalyst for a larger effort that could build from small funding amounts; or
  3. Build organizational or community capacity to plan and implement programs to address pressing health prevention approaches and needs.

Small grant proposals are due (in our hand) March 3, 2014.

Funding awards disbursed May 1, 2014 (with applicant-determined grant periods of 12 months or less).

Small grant proposals are limited to four pages – cover, project, evaluation and budget pages. 

Cover Page (1 page/required).  The one-page cover should include contact information of the collaborative partners, identifying key contact persons and the fiscal agent for the application. You are free to recreate its elements, but the document is meant to be there for you to save and paginate on your own computer.

Project Page (recommended 1.5 pages). This part of your application should cover the purpose of grant and address the following:

  • Brief statement of the issue to be addressed; description of constituency served (include number served); target population; how will they benefit?
  • Description of goals and objectives for the purpose of the grant;
  • Description of activities planned to accomplish these goals;
  • Timetable for implementation of identified tactics/activities;
  • Other organizations, if any, integral to the success of your proposed work.

Evaluation (recommend 1 page). This part of your application should address the way you’ll assess the impact of your grant-supported project and address the following:

  • Expected results during the funding period;
  • How you would define and measure success;
  • How will project's results be used and/or disseminated?

Budget page (recommend one-half page). The budget should include a line-item detail of the funding request, any in-kind or matched funds and a brief budget narrative.  We are not requiring firm, hard-match commitment(s), but applicants will be rewarded for bringing resources to the proposed project so that the entire project budget is not just the awarded/proposed grant amount.

Appendix. The appendix should contain the applicant’s eligibility documentation (IRS 501(c)(3) letter or statement of governmental entity status).  This eligibility documentation should only be attached to the original.

General Instructions/Deadline Delivery: The proposal packet must arrive at The Wellmark Foundation on or before the deadline of March 3, 2014.  Tracked delivery service or mail delivery is the method of submitting your proposal.

The four-page proposals submitted for the 2014 Healthy Communities Small Grant Program should be one-sided, with a type font no smaller than 11-point.  Send one original (with eligibility documentation) and three copies (four total) to:

                        The Wellmark Foundation
                        2014 Healthy Communities Small Grant Program
                        1331 Grand Avenue, Station 3W739
                        Des Moines, Iowa  50309

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