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10 snack makeovers

Are bad snacks sneaking up on you, sabotaging your efforts to eat healthy? Do you satisfy your mid-afternoon hunger pains with whatever is handy – processed granola bars, candy or chips? Are your snacks worth it, do they taste good, or do they taste like the plastic or cardboard in which they are packaged?

Packaged snacks like fruit chews and cheesy crackers offer little in the way of nutrition, and fail to satisfy those hunger pangs. Shine the light on bad snacking habits and replace packaged foods with these tasty, healthy and more filling alternatives.


  1. Honeycrisp apple sandwich »
  2. Spiced watermelon and pistachios »
  3. Tropical green smoothie »
  4. Crackers with chocolate-hazelnut spread and bananas »
  5. Dark chocolate cherry no-bake bites »
  6. Cherry tomatoes with goat cheese »
  7. Mango and raspberry smoothie »
  8. Wild animal mix »
  9. Rice cake with peanut butter, coconut and cranberries »
  10. Toast with ricotta and fruit »





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