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Working with

Welcome to Working with, your source for news, information and tips for making the most of the resources available on our secure provider website. This page is designed for all providers with secure access to General users will learn about easy-to-use Web tools, while designated security coordinators (DSCs) will learn how to manage security roles within their organization.

InnovationSpecial Feature

Are you taking advantage of all the improvements we’ve made to the tools and resources available on To make sure you haven’t missed any, here is a summary of the top enhancements introduced in 2014.

New BlueCard® Web page launched


A new BlueCard page helps you better serve your patients with coverage through a different Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plan. The more you know about BlueCard, the more time you’ll save in confirming eligibility and benefits, filing claims and following up on claims.


Web inquiries made easier with attachments


Users of the Ask and Track a Question tool benefited from a major enhancement in 2014. Providers can now submit file attachments directly to their inquiries, eliminating the need to fax documents. See how it works in this instructional video .


Credentialing submission status updates available online


Since the new Credentialing Submission Tracker page went live in early September, there have been considerably fewer calls and emails from providers asking for the status of their provider applications, recredentialing submissions and change requests. That’s because the new online tool provides these updates within seconds! What’s more, the new tool even provides you with the current average processing time, which gives you a general idea of when to expect a final response from Wellmark.


Enhancement helps resolve work comp claims more efficiently
Providers with claims pending for a workers’ compensation response can now help resolve these claims even faster using the Check a Claim tool on A new checkbox tells you which claims have already received a Yes/No response as to whether the injury or illness was work-related. This short video  shows you how.


WINS messages keep you informed with alerts


The Wellmark Information Notification System (WINS) makes it easier for you to learn about changes and issues that impact your business. Whenever Wellmark has provider news to share, we’ll send it directly to your inbox. The best part is, you won’t get any messages you don’t want. If you haven’t done so already, register today.


Secure online tools featured in how-to videos


We made our how-to videos easier to access in 2014. To get to the new Provider Video Gallery, visit the Working with page or look under “Administrative Tools” on our secure Provider tab. We also placed links within the Check a Claim and Check Member Information tools themselves. Each video is only 3 to 4 minutes long, so you can concentrate on what matters most — the health of your patients, our members.


New page helps with pre-service review for out-of-area members


A new Web page makes initiating pre-service review for out-of-area members as easy as “one, two, three!” Watch the instructional video  to learn how to access benefits information, view home Plan medical policies, and initiate your request via secure access to the home Plan’s pre-service review tool.

Secure Web ToolsWeb Tools and How-to Videos

Put down the phone. Chances are the information you’re looking for is online. Listed in order of popularity, the resources featured below show you how to make the best use of our secure Web tools. Many are also included in our Provider Video Gallery.

  • Check claim status video . (2:44 min.)
  • Follow up on a denied claim with attachments video . (3:06 min.) 
  • Check benefit accumulations video . (3:30 min.)
  • Resolve possible workers’ compensation claims video . (3:18 min.)
  • Download provider claims remittances (PCR) presentation .
  • Get pre-service authorization resource page
  • Request pre-service review for out-of-area members video . (4:05 min.)
  • Create and submit a new claim video . (12 min.) 

Resources for DSCsResources for DSCs

Designated security coordinators play a unique role in Wellmark’s Web security protocol. There are two types of DSCs. The “main DSC” has several responsibilities, including signing Wellmark’s usage agreement on behalf of his or her organization. The second type is simply known as “DSCs.” Each organization has one main DSC, but he or she can assign the DSC role to any number of individuals. Both types of DSCs can assign roles to other users to access certain tools and resources on To be effective in their role and maintain their organization’s security access, DSCs should be familiar with the following:

Information and Web SecurityInformation and Web Security

We all understand the need to protect our patients’ privacy while serving them efficiently. The following resources help keep providers and our members informed about this important topic:




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