Collaboration on Quality®

Since 2006, thousands of primary care clinicians in Iowa and South Dakota participating in the Collaboration on Quality (CoQ) program have earned incentives for providing high quality, evidence-based patient care to Wellmark members. The CoQ program has three main goals that directly or indirectly support the health of Wellmark members. Through this program Wellmark aims to:

  • Measure clinician performance using nationally recognized measures of care for specific diseases and conditions.
  • Share information with clinicians and care teams to help them identify opportunities to deliver care more efficiently and effectively.
  • Share information with the public regarding the clinician participation in the program and performance.

How the Program Works

  • Data from Wellmark and participating providers is collected on certain chronic conditions and diseases, and preventive care services.
  • Clinic-level data is evaluated and compared to nationally recognized best practice guidelines.

Program Benefits

  • The 2013 CoQ Primary Program supports several components of the patient centered medical home model.
  • Participating clinicians and care team members have 24/7 access to a clinical data registry tool which can be used to identify patient care opportunities, plan proactive patient care visits, and track progress for program measures.
  • Clinicians and care teams can share best practices and access resources to facilitate improved patient outcomes.
  • The program focuses on the health of clinicians’ patient population.

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