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Testing ICD-10 with Wellmark

Wellmark plans to begin end to end testing for ICD-10 in collaboration with providers beginning early 2015.  While we will not require testing, all electronic submitters are encouraged to test.


We will accept HIPAA 5010 837 electronic claims containing ICD-10 codes in our test environment.  These claims will be processed using ICD-10 edits and reimbursements will be calculated with ICD-10 grouper software. 835 electronic remittance advice files will be returned through the test environment. 

Purpose / Value of Testing ICD-10 Claims with Wellmark

ICD-10 testing with Wellmark will prove to you more than simply confirming you can create electronic data in the correct format. If you rely on your vendor for format testing only, you will be missing out on opportunities to validate your organization’s readiness for exchanging ICD-10 data with Wellmark.


Operational Readiness

  • Can you send and receive 837 claims with ICD-10 codes?
  • Can you receive 835 remittance advice with ICD-10 code?
  • Do claims process through Wellmark’s ICD-10 business rules and edits as expected?

Coding Readiness

  • Are physicians trained to provide the necessary documentation to support ICD-10 coding? (Laterality, specificity)
  • Do your medical coders have a solid understanding of ICD-10 and are coding properly?
  • How do ICD-10 claims edit and price within Wellmark’s system?

ICD-10 Testing Coordination

If you use a clearinghouse or billing service to submit medical claims to Wellmark, you will need to work with them to coordinate all of your testing. Your clearinghouse and/or vendor will need to be able to send 837 claim records to our test environment and receive 835 remittance advice from our test environment.  We cannot accept direct test submissions that bypass your billing vendor and/or clearinghouse. 


Production Data Path
ISA15 = ‘P’ (Production)


ICD-10 data path 


Test Data Path
ISA15 = ‘T’ (Test)


ICD-10 data path


Test Environment

Wellmark has provided an environment for testing and has added ICD-10 edits and benefits. This is the same Model Office test environment and processes as used for HIPAA 4010 and 5010 testing. We do not require a new submission connection.


Key Considerations

  • A separate Model Office user ID and password are used to access the test environment. Passwords expire after 30 days. If you need a user ID or a password reset, please contact
  • You must be registered to receive our test 835 files. If you have not yet registered for an electronic remittance advice, please contact Wellmark’s EC Solutions Registration at
  • HIPAA X12 Version 5010 requirements will be evaluated during testing and any invalid claims will be rejected.
  • Remittance responses will only be provided via 835 files. No paper reports will be mailed from our test environment.
  • Our production environment only generates 835s remittances weekly on Fridays. Our test environment is configured to generate 835s nightly to speed up the testing process.
  • You have the opportunity to send batches of ICD-9 along with batches of ICD-10 claims to allow you to compare claim results for dual coded claims.
  • Claims cannot be submitted with a mix of ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes within a single claim. Claims submitted with both will be rejected.
  • You will receive the same .TXN, .Z16, .999 reports in the test environment for both ICD-9 and ICD-10. These reports will look the same as the production version of each report.
  • Our test system will accept all providers registered under each submitter. We do not need a separate test user ID or separate file for each provider. 

Test Data

Claims must contain valid Wellmark member and provider information as well as valid ICD-9 or ICD-10 codes to process through our test environment. We will reject data that is not present in our production environment.   *** Please do not send masked test data. ***


For the purpose of testing, we’ve expanded the window of ICD-9 and ICD-10 effective and cancellation dates.


Dates of Service prior to October 1, 2013 Use ICD-9 codes only
Dates of Service between October 1, 2013 and September 30, 2015 Use either ICD-9 or ICD-10 codes


Key Considerations

We suggest converting a variety of recently submitted claims to ICD-10 and submitting for testing. All electronic test claims must be clean and process first pass; test claims will not be manually worked in the test environment.

  • We will accept institutional, outpatient and professional claims for ICD-10 testing. 
  • Claims cannot be submitted with a mix of ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes. Claims submitted with both will be rejected.

Wellmark Testing Constraints

  • It is not Wellmark’s position to provide guidance or recommendations on how to code claims for each medical situation.
  • Testing will be completed in our Model Office environment. This environment will be refreshed periodically to better mirror Production. However, some differences are anticipated between the environments.
  • The only EDI transactions we are able to test as part of ICD-10 end to end testing are the 837 Claims and 835 Electronic Remittance Advice. We are not able to test the 27x series and will not create 276 Claim Status Response transactions.
  • Please use Wellmark local members only. We are not able to pass along test claims to other commercial payers, Medicare, BlueCard and Federal Employee Program (FEP).
  • Claims must process through completion automatically. No claims will be manually worked in the test environment. As such, you may not receive an 835 on every claim submitted.
  • We have outstanding changes to our Model Office environment to address benefit and edits tied to ICD-9 that have been implemented over the past few months. As such, there may be some situations where ICD-9 claims might edit differently than ICD-10 edits. Updates will be provided periodically (between April and September) letting providers know our progress in completing these updates.

APR-DRG Grouper Version

  • Our Model Office environment will contain 3M’s APR-DRG Grouper version 31 for testing in 2015 through early Q2.
  • October 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016, Wellmark will continue to use 3M’s APR-DRG grouper version 31.
  • Wellmark will upgrade to 3M’s APR-DRG grouper version 32 on July 1, 2015.
  • 3M has stated there are no clinical changes between versions 30 and 31. However, grouping results may vary between version 30 and 31.
July 1, 2014October 1, 2014July 1, 2015October 1, 2015July 1, 2016
ver 31 ver 31 ver 32 ver 32 ver 33

Testing Assistance

Please direct ALL inquiries to our ICD-10 e-mail box:

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