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New ID cards sent to some members

New identification cards for 2014 benefits are being sent to individuals under the age of 65 who purchase their own insurance.

Why ID cards are important

Your Wellmark member identification (ID) card contains information important to you and your health care provider. The card states your name, your policy number, provider network name, plan name and code. This information helps you to access health care and allows your provider to process claims.


When new cards are sent

New cards are not issued every year. However, new cards are being sent in late 2013 to members who are under the age of 65 and purchase their own health insurance. If you receive one of these new cards, it may look like your current card. The difference is a new three-letter prefix before your ID number. Your new card has been issued to meet requirements of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association and to streamline payment of claims in 2014. You should begin using it on or after Jan. 1, 2014.


If you select a new plan from Wellmark or have benefit changes, Wellmark will send you a new card to replace your current one.

Using the right card

If you have a Wellmark card in your wallet or purse, you have the card preferred by more Iowans and South Dakotans than any other - and accepted by a broader network of providers.

If you have more than one Wellmark ID card issued to your name and are confused about which one to use, check the back of the card for the print date. The card with the most recent print date is the card to keep and start using as of Jan. 1, 2014. As always, protect your card to protect your privacy.

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