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Debit Card

The Blue Priority FlexSM debit card is a simple, and convenient way to instantly pay for eligible medical expenses from your flexible spending account (FSA).



Use your flex debit card at doctor's offices, pharmacies, vision and dental care providers, and other qualified retailers that accept Visa as a form of payment. You can also pay for eligible medical expenses at participating retailers like grocery stores and discount stores. See a list of IIAS Merchants  or 90% Rule Merchants .


Note: Flex debit cards are not offered by all employers; contact your benefits administrator for the specifics of your flex plan.


Tips for Using the Blue Priority Flex Debit Card

  • Only use your flex debit card to pay for eligible medical expenses. If you do purchase ineligible items with your card, you must send your receipt and a reimbursement check for the amount of the ineligible expenses to Wellmark.

  • At participating retailers, only eligible purchases will ring up on your flex debit card. Any other purchases will be automatically separated and you'll need to provide another form of payment for those items.

  • Wellmark is responsible for ordering your initial flex debit card, plus one extra card if you request it on your flex enrollment form. You may order additional cards after the plan year has begun. Log on to  and select Debit Card, then Extra Card.*

    You don't need a personal identification number or PIN to use your Blue Priority Flex debit card. If a merchant or provider asks for a PIN, ask them process the payment as a credit, rather than debit transaction.

  • Confirm your flex debit card transactions and account balance regularly. You can only use the flex debit card up to the amount of your annual contribution election. However, the total amount you elect for your medical reimbursement account is available any time during the year, even if the funds haven't been withheld from your pay yet.

    There must be enough funds in your account to cover the flex debit card transaction, or it will be denied. To check your balance, log on to

  • The flex debit card does not allow partial transactions. If you know your account balance, you can ask the merchant to charge up to the available account balance on the card and use an alternate form of payment for the difference.

  • In most instances flex debit card transactions are automatically processed. However, be sure to keep your receipts for all card transactions, because additional documentation is required in some cases to meet IRS guidelines. You'll receive a request if you are required to provide documentation for an expense.

  • You can only use your flex debit card for medical expenses in the current plan year. Any transactions you make after that time draw from your current account and not from the prior plan year, unless your employer offers a grace period.

  • If you choose a Blue Priority Flex debit card, automatic reimbursement of claims from your health plan is not available. This is to avoid duplication of payment.
  • Call (866) 679-7649 immediately if you believe your flex debit card is lost or has been stolen. If you do not recognize a flex debit card transaction as one you have authorized, contact Wellmark Flexible Benefits at (800) 624-2755.

The Blue Priority Flex Visa® debit card is issued by Bancorp Bank pursuant to a license from VISA U.S.A. Inc. Bancorp Bank is an independent entity providing banking services to Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield and its customers.


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