Health Savings Account (HSA) Calculator

To contribute to an HSA, you:

Step 1: See How Much You're Eligible to Contribute

Your contribution year, type of health coverage, and age determine how much you can contribute to an HSA.


What year do you plan to contribute to your HSA?

2015  2016


What type of health coverage do you have?

Single  Family


Are you age 55 or older?

Yes   No


Maximum you are eligible to contribute for the selected calendar year:

Step 2: Determine What You Want to Contribute

How much do you want to contribute to your HSA? Here are a few things to consider:

Your planned contribution:

Note: Your planned contribution cannot exceed the maximum calculated in Step 1.

Step 3: Calculate Your Tax Savings

Select your federal tax rate to determine how much you'd save on taxes by contributing the amount in Step 2 to your HSA.


What is your Federal tax rate?


Your tax savings*:


* Based on the Federal Tax Rate selected plus 7.65% FICA. Additional state tax savings may apply, and vary by state.