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Pharmacy Vaccines

If you have coverage for flu and pneumococcal vaccines as part of your health benefits, you can get your flu and pneumococcal shots at a pharmacy.



Here's what you need to know:

  • The amount you pay is based on your prescription benefits. You will pay your Tier 2 copayment or coinsurance at the pharmacy when you get your shot.
  • If your drug plan has a deductible, the deductible must be met first.
  • Use a  network pharmacy. View a list of network pharmacies that can administer vaccines pdf.
  • Not all pharmacies offer this service.
  • Hours that vaccines are available may be different than the pharmacy's normal hours.
  • You may need a prescription from your doctor; check with the pharmacy.
  • If you use a pharmacy that is not in the network, you'll have to pay the full cost of the flu shot, submit a paper claim, and wait for reimbursement.

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