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Create a Sustainable Health Care System

Building a sustainable health care system is a demanding endeavor that will challenge Wellmark to look at every aspect of its business in conjunction with other stakeholders. Key goals include:

  • Eliminate non-value added bureaucracy and reduce provider cost pressures
  • Proactively evaluate and manage new and existing  medical treatments and equipment
  • Create an environment that promotes and enables people to live healthier lives
  • Reduce the overuse, underuse and misuse of health care
  • Minimize cost shifting from government programs to Wellmark


Wellmark will:

  • Support public and private initiatives to constructively address increasing rates of obesity and related health care risks, with particular emphasis on childhood obesity (e.g. school nutrition programs). Support additional public health initiatives, as identified by public health officials (e.g. wellness). Support proposals to reduce tobacco use (e.g. limits/bans on smoking in public places, increased taxes on tobacco products, etc.).

  • Support appropriate legislative and regulatory activities to ensure a strong and effective health planning process that results in the best balance of cost, quality, and access for Wellmark customers and their communities. Support a federal moratorium on expansion of specialty hospitals.  Oppose efforts to weaken or eliminate Iowa's current Certificate of Need law.

  • Support efforts to strengthen the ability of health plans to effectively negotiate on behalf of customers with providers. Oppose efforts to weaken current ability of health insurers to bargain on behalf of customers with health care providers for reasonable and appropriate reimbursement of costs for services.

  • Support efforts to limit or bar new or expanded benefit mandates. Oppose initiatives that reduce customers' ability to select health insurance benefit plans best suited to their needs at affordable prices. Oppose adoption of new laws or regulations impacting the business practices of carriers and which add administrative costs with no offsetting value for Wellmark customers.

  • Support fair and equitable oversight of the health insurance market and adequate funding of state insurance regulatory agencies.

Support proposals that attempt to curb rising health costs through review of major underlying drivers of those costs (e.g. programs to enhance health care literacy and consumer education). 


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