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Guiding Principles

Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield will apply the following priorities in its consideration of specific legislative, regulatory, and public policy proposals.

  1. Support priorities to achieve the Healthiest State Initiative and advance a sustainable health care system:
  • Promote environmental change that enables Iowans and South Dakotans to live healthier lives
  • Collaborate with the provider community to improve quality and reduce the cost of health care
  • Ensure that new and existing medical treatments and equipment are necessary, safe and effective for our members
  • Reduce overuse, underuse and misuse of health care by advancing the practice of evidence-based medicine
  • Support efforts to eliminate payment and funding inequities in public programs that contribute significantly to the shifting of costs to the private sector
  • Continue to help our members understand their health and health insurance
  1. Assure workable implementation of state exchanges and related federal health reform requirements:
  • Minimize additional costs for customers
  • Reduce market disruption and upheaval
  • Maintain sufficient business flexibility to adapt to new environment
  • Improve payment options for quality outcomes and collaborative arrangements, such as ACO arrangements and alternative reimbursement strategies that move away from fee for service
  • Support competitive level playing field in the insurance marketplace
  1. Support key aspects of the BCBSA public policy agenda designed to ensure the viability of state-based insurance markets and affordability of expanded benefit coverages:
  • Target modifications in statutory provisions, such as repeal of insurer excise tax
  • Promote informed federal agency regulations
  • Advocate flexibility for state policymakers and insurers



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Frank J. Stork
Vice President & Senior Counsel, Regulatory & Government Affairs, Board Secretary

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